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Building Lean Muscle With Delta and Alpha Brain-Wave Stimulating Frequencies.

This elegant sound design is formulated specifically to be used as a compliment to your lean muscle building efforts. You put in a lot of hard work building your body, getting stronger, and stripping away all the unnecessary fat your body may be holding on to.

This Exercising Your Mind activity can help to boost your body’s ability to regenerate, heal, and build lean muscle while you exercise, stretch, eat, relax, meditate, and sleep.

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Listen to “Building Lean Muscle With Delta and Alpha Brain-Wave Stimulating Frequencies.” on Spreaker.

Instructions for use are in the podcast on the UniquilibriuM website Building Lean Muscle With Sound Healing Hallucinations

3 Hz Delta Brain Waves and 12 Hz Alpha Brain Waves are stimulated in this Frequency Formula

186 Hz – 183 Hz = 3 Hz DemiPhase Auditory Hallucination
103.5 Hz – 91.5 Hz = 12 Hz DemiPhase Auditory Hallucination
“Auditory Hallucination = Binaural Beats)

To be used while exercising as part of a playlist with other ambient sounds and music, or while resting in between workout days or sessions (If one trains more than once per day).

Compatible with the BALANCE Protocol Meditation.
Step 1. Breathe in and out for 1 set of 12 breaths, being sure to count the number 1 through 12 for each breath taken.
Step 2. Say the affirmation “Building Lean Muscle” out loud or in your mind for 1 set of 3, being sure to count the number 1 through 3 after each repetition.
Step 3. Listen to the recording in any or all of the following situations

  1. a. warming up
  2. b. exercising
  3. c. stretching
  4. d. cooling down
  5. e. while relaxing / meditating

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