Month: March 2012

HypnoAthletics, Hypnosis, Metaphysics, UniquilibriuM

UniquilibriuM: Heuristic Philology; S.E.E.; 3rd-I; S3; A.N.D.; S.M.D.

With a fantastic blend of science and philosophy, I have been able to develop very useful personal strategies for myself for creating enjoyable maps to navigate happily through my life experiences. Blending pragmatism with fantasy I daily embark on a progressive journey that not only serves me, but helps to benefit all whom it effects.

HypnoAthletics, Hypnosis, KappaGuerra, Metaphysics, UniquilibriuM

Contacting S.P.A.C.E. on H.A.L.O. – Delta Experiments

In dreams I can manipulate or control the “physics” of my environment in radical ways. I am also a bit more “militant”. While HALO-Delta is a Research and Development branch of my dream concept, I have created a more militarized concept. This is known as S.P.A.C.E., the Sentience Protection Agency & Cosmic Embassy.

Athletics, HypnoAthletics, Hypnosis, KappaGuerra, Metaphysics, OrthoMolecular, UniquilibriuM

HypnoAthletics EpiGenetic Engineering

It is also motivating that what I am creating may be shared with others who might benefit from my eccentricities. In this way I am giving back to a world and people who have given me so much all of my life, especially the love and support I get from my family and friends. Being motivated effects the subconscious mind which in turn, enhances our success in self-improvement.

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