Month: April 2012

HypnoAthletics, Metaphysics, UniquilibriuM

UniquilibriuM: Lunar and Solar Dimensions in Ancient Texts

the 432-Hz frequency somehow resonated more with nature, being harmonious with life and such. I decided to adopt this tuning method for a few years to determine if there was any noticeable effect on me or anyone who would hear me perform. The significance of the number 432 only became apparent to me more recently as my research has progressed.

HypnoAthletics, Hypnosis, Metaphysics, UniquilibriuM

UniquilibriuM Fire-Snake Rising in the New-Moon Majick

Just like the resonance of Osiris being killed by Seth and then resurrected by Isis, the first part of the New Moon of yesternight represents the death of my inner, undesirable Osiris energies. Tonight’s New Moon represents the resurrection of a new, desirable and more powerful inner Osiris by union of the resonance of Isis into the New-Born Horus.

HypnoAthletics, Hypnosis, Metaphysics, UniquilibriuM

Moon Majick: Infusing Lunar Phases with Numerology as a Self-Hypnosis Tool

Impression on the subconscious is one of the main components that drives the expression of our behavior and is many orders of magnitude more powerful than our will-power alone. This is the meaning of “against our will”. Whenever the subconscious goes up against the conscious or will, the subconscious will usually win.

HypnoAthletics, Hypnosis, Metaphysics, OrthoMolecular, UniquilibriuM

HypnoAthletics: Possible GeoPhysical and Hypnotic Influences on Observed Correlations in Astrology

I thought it would be interesting to look into what Astrology’s predictions might have to do with a unique combination of the intensity of sunlight, temperature, latitude either north or south of the equator and whether it is day or night when one is born. It is no far stretch of the imagination to think that seasonal changes and variations in sunlight may have significant effects on personality and behavior.