Month: August 2009

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Capoeira Contemporanea: Salvaging Combat Effectiveness from a Badly Organized Circus with KappaGuerra

if you learn how to remain in striking range as Anderson Silva did, while being
deft enough to evade Forrest Griffin’s (your opponent’s) attack, a-la a very
advanced Ali-like “rope-a-dope”, all while maintaining the positioning to
deliver “killing-strikes” of your own, you then have an effective martial arts
tool. …

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Malicioso: Applying Nestor Capoeira’s Wisdom in Analysis of Personal Capoeira Conflicts

I am also pretty sure that Don and his then girlfriend, now wife, never donated
that $300.00 dollars to their Mestre and Capoeira  Academy, as I requested
as part of our agreement. If this is the case, I wonder how their Mestre
would feel about this theft-in-fact. But the Universe moves in her own way, and
malicia” is a beautiful creature …