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Second Wave Incremental Thought Change Hypnosis (S.W.I.T.C.H.) – 9 FREE Self-Hypnosis Exercises

(Exercising Your Mind) Because some people have requested Self-Hypnosis Exercises (SHE) without added effects, the FREE Downloads in this publication are offered in their original, unedited form without background music or vocal manipulation. However, if you want to listen with music, you can just click on the title links above the descriptions below.

* NOTE – “The Lucid Ingredient” and the advanced track “Your Own Voice” are already presented without music, and the “Spiraling UpWard” original recording can not be found at this time.

Track List

  1. Unlock UnWanted Hypnotic States
  2. Accomplishment of Goals pt.1
  3. Accomplishment of Goals pt.2
  4. Lucid Dreaming
  5. Paradigm Shift Away From Materialism
  6. Dolphin Meditation
  7. COVID Stress Relief
  8. Get UnStuck
  9. Your Own Voice

The DownLoads

1. UnLock YourSelf From UnWanted Hypnotic States By Simply Counting To Five – A Guided Meditation

The purpose of this meditation is to learn to unlock yourself from unwanted hypnotic states by experiencing a trance state, and then using a simple technique to count yourself out of it. Once you begin to recognize what these highly suggestible, hypnotic trance are, you will be able to begin the practice of choosing to remain in those that are good for you, and eliminating the mental states that work against you.

UnLock UnWanted Hypnotic States without music

2 & 3. Meditation For Calm And Confident Accomplishment Of Goals: A 2-Part Formula (mini course)

This 2-part formula is called “The Emotional Incubation Method” plus “The Emotional Activation Process“. They are collectively called “Action Proof Formula“.(1) The first part is the Incubation Method. This is where you will plant, nourish, grow, and nurture the feelings and emotions that happen when you successfully accomplish something that you want to do. (2) The second part is the Activation Process. This is where you associate and attach those feelings and emotions of successful accomplishment with some future goal or desire that you have.

2 Part Formula without music

4. The Lucid Ingredient: Am I Dreaming?

Have you ever wanted to lucid dream? Do you want to explore your dream world more consciously? Maybe you just want to get started remembering your dreams. Or maybe you want to train yourself to have out of / outer body experiences (OBEs). Whatever your goal is with your dream experience, this meditative, guided hypnosis exercise will get you started on your journey as a dream master. If nothing else you will begin to be an observer, or be able to remember your dreams much more often.

Lucid Ingredient OG recording without music

5. Paradigm Shift Away From Materialism

The purpose of this meditation is to soothe, relax, educate, and inspire. If we are to use Metaphysical Science to provide real help to the world and experience tangible results, we must understand the actual foundation of reality.

Paradigm Shift without music

6. Dolphyn Guided Meditation

It is based on the Dolphin Healing elective course offered by the University of Metaphysical Sciences. It is for relaxation and to inspire your subconscious to deliver a “Message of Significance” to you for healing and empowerment. It features themes of a metaphysical nature including eternity and the divine nature of dolphins, the oceans and seas.

Meet the Dolphins without music

7. COVID-21 Stress Relief – FREE Audio Meditation

Whether or not you believe that the COVID-19 virus is real, or just some conspiracy theory; it does not matter. The anxiety, fear, stress, and worry that has come with the resulting conditions imposed upon us all is a very real experience. Listen to this COVID-21 meditation to help you find relief from the negative and undesirable feelings and emotions that you might have, and replace them with calm, confidence, and soothing relaxation.

No COVID and no music

8. Get UnStuck By Spiraling UpWards

Even if you feel like you are going nowhere, just marking time and running in place; you can always get on the right check with just a slight shift in your perspective. The situation you are experiencing right now can always be spiced up somehow. You can always take action to be more motivated. You can be more ambitious, have more energy, be inspired, and create value for yourself, your family, friends, and maybe even the world if you so desire.

Advanced Track

9. Your Own Voice

This unorthodox meditation was inspired by something I learned while studying Clinical Hypnosis, leading Yoga classes, and using my training to hypnotize people at the front desk of a busy fitness center. This was recorded on a crowded street in Hangzhou, China as a project for University of Metaphysical Sciences called “Leading a Meditation”.

Your Own Voice

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