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The Lucid Ingredient: Am I Dreaming?

(Exercising Your Mind) Have you ever wanted to lucid dream? Do you want to explore your dream world more consciously? Maybe you just want to get started remembering your dreams. Or maybe you want to train yourself to have out of / outer body experiences (OBEs). Whatever your goal is with your dream experience, this meditative, guided hypnosis exercise will get you started on your journey as a dream master. If nothing else you will begin to be an observer, or be able to remember your dreams much more often.

So sit back, relax, or lay yourself down for this 30 minute exploration of “The Lucid Ingredient”. It begins with a simple question, “Am I dreaming?”. To which you will always respond, “Yes. I am dreaming”.

This is the launch of the next series I am calling “TheoMonic Sonium Hypnide” just because it sounds like some sort of mystical, scientific anomaly. I just think it sounds cool.

Anytime you are ready to learn to explore, or supplement your lucid dreaming experiences and adventures, find this recording on your playlist, press play, and set your mind free.

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