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Paradigm Shift Away From Materialism

One benefit of switching humanity to a correct perception of the world is the resulting joy of discovering the mental nature of the Universe. – Professor Richard Conn Henry

The Mental Universe; Nature – 2005

(Exercising Your Mind) This meditation is offered as a FREE download. It is part of the “Dolphyn BrainWashing for Higher Living Series”. The purpose of this meditation is to soothe, relax, educate, and inspire. If we are to use Metaphysical Science to provide real help to the world and experience tangible results, we must understand the actual foundation of reality.

It is partly inspired by the truths which can be determined using Ontological Mathematics. Instead of the materialistic, empiricist paradigm of mainstream science; Ontological Mathematics is an idealistic, rationalist paradigm.

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Outside of the study of ontological mathematics, you can learn more about the logic of shifting to an idealistic perspective and the underlying nature of reality; watch the following video “New Experiments Show Consciousness Affects Matter

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