Learning Mandarin Chinese: OnLine Self Study Resources


(Exercising Your Mind)  You might want to learn Mandarin in the most effective and efficient way possible, so that you can start putting it to use right away. I have found a few online resources that are great all by … Continue reading

A Prescription is a Subscription

Heavily Meditated

(Exercising Your Mind) Just know what it is that you are getting into when you decide to fully trust being prescribed a medication. A Prescription is a Subscription. I know from building a business that one of the most effective … Continue reading

The Highest Paid PodCast

HypnoAthletics Master Key

(Exercising Your Mind) The Highest Paid PodCast What is the highest paid skill on the planet, according to Dan Kennedy? What about the highest paid trait according to Frank Bettger? It is interesting to note that the highest paid trait … Continue reading

New Moon Dinner PodCast

5 New Moons

(Exercising Your Mind) #SIX13RECORDS #HypnoAthletics #DreamActionYoga #SwordPaper #ExercisingYourMind #KappaGuerra #UniquilibriuM #Science #HakeemAlexander #PhysioMeditation #AcrimoniuM #Metaphysics #Hypnosis #Money #Wealth #Riches #Power #Fame #REdCOiNStudios #LunarPhase #MoonPhase #MoonCycle #Numerology #Yoga #YogaWorks … Continue reading

Only Two More Days Left for the “Practice More, Pay Less” Challenge at YogaWorks West Hollywood!


(Exercising Your Mind) The more you practice the less you pay! Anyone who joins YogaWorks West Hollywood as a member between July 1st and July 15th 2015 gets to set their monthly dues based on the number of times they … Continue reading

FREE at YogaWorks West Hollywood – Fundamentals of Yoga Class

FOY Tree

You’re invited to attend our free Fundamentals of Ashtanga Yoga class this Saturday, July 11th, 2015 from 12:30pm to 1:25pm. This is a great way to introduce you to the basic yoga poses and postures of Ashtanga Yoga. You’ll also … Continue reading

Numerology Of 5 Synchronicity With Five Full Moons

The HypnoAthletics Full Moon

(Exercising Your Mind) From March 15h 2015 until July 1st 2015, any person born on September 17th of any year, will have a Numeral 5 Personal Day Vibration that falls on the same day as there will be for a … Continue reading

Secrets Of Power, Money, And Fame

Secrets of Power Money Fame

(Exercising Your Mind) How do you calculate Power, Money, And Fame for yourself using your birthday? Is it possible that you can learn how to do this for yourself to take advantage of specific states of consciousness in order to … Continue reading

Full Moon Power, Money, And Fame

Full Moon Power Money Fame

(Exercising Your Mind) In the study of Divine Metaphysics, New Thought, or what may also be called Scientific Spirituality; a successful result from creative thought and prayer is called a “Demonstration“. Using Numerology I have achieved repeated, successful “Demonstrations” in … Continue reading