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Sleep and Skin Care: The Anti-Aging Dynamic Duo

By Camille Johnson

We know that beauty is only skin deep, but how you care for that skin plays a major role in how you look and feel. Sleep is also important when it comes to skin health. Today, Exercising Your Mind shares a time-tested recipe for anti-aging success using skincare and sleep as your two main ingredients. But first, a word on sleep and skincare separately.


Skincare is more than just washing your face each morning. As we age, our faces lose elasticity and can dry out quicker than ever. By using skincare products that include everything you need to clean, moisten, and renew your skin, you give yourself the tools to see a younger you in the mirror each day.


There are many ways to make sure that you get enough sleep, and one of these is to take a walk in the sunshine every day. If you live in a walkable area, plan for a morning stroll, which is when the sun treats your skin best. You should also make sure that your bedroom is set up for sound sleep, which might include keeping it dark and cool and eliminating distractions.

Your Dynamic Duo

A combination of healthy sleep hygiene and a dedicated skincare routine offers many benefits for those of us wishing to maintain our youth. A few of these include:

  • Fewer wrinkles and less sagging. When you sleep, your skin has an opportunity to produce more collagen, which can help reduce the look of sagging jaws. Your skincare routine can add moisture and fullness to your face, which will further this effect. The combination will also result in fewer wrinkles. For more insight into how sleep deprivation can age your skin, see this peer-reviewed study published by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.
  • A glowing complexion. The right skincare regimen will keep your skin moist and even-toned, and sleeping improves blood flow to the face.
  • Brighter eyes. If your eyes look like they’re packing for vacation, then it’s definitely time to improve your sleep and skincare routines. According to NBC News, using sunscreen and moisturizer keeps the delicate skin of your eyes hydrated, which prevents dark circles. Sleep likewise offers improvements to this area because your blood vessels are less dilated after a night of restorative sleep.

How To Handle Sleep And Skincare Disturbances

No matter how hard we try to keep a handle on our healthy habits, it’s not always possible. If you work at home, for example, you may find that sleep doesn’t come as easily as it did when you spent most of your day in an office. This is because you’re looking at your screen more, and you may associate your bedroom with work. To offset this, create a consistent routine each day and take your work out of the bedroom. Further, you’ll need to steer clear of the coffee pot after 3 PM.

If your skincare routine is disturbed by things like travel, make sure that you pack travel-sized quantities of your skin care products with you. Don’t use hotel soap on your face! Remember, soap-based cleansers use detergent, which the Humblebee & Me blog points out strips the natural oils right off your skin, which can result in dryness.

While there is no magic weapon to ensuring that your skin and face look healthy and whole, you can offset age by putting sleep and skincare at the top of your priority list. To get enough sleep, make sure that you get daily exercise and sunshine and that you separate your workspace from the bedroom. For your skin care, use products that don’t dry you out, and make sure to pack your facial care products when you travel so you never miss a day.

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