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HypnoAthletics – 163: Guided Sonification To Improve Focus, Concentration, Meditation, Relaxation, Sleep & Lucid Dreaming

* * * Specially designed for the best experience with stereo headphones or earbuds. * * *

Stereo speakers with a dynamic range that are well able to handle bass notes below 60-Hz > 50-Hz placed on either side of your head will also create an enhanced experience.

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Listen to “HypnoAthletics – 163: Guided Sonification To Improve Focus, Concentration, Meditation, Relaxation, Sleep & Lucid Dreaming” on Spreaker.

SUMMARY of Guided Sonification

This frequency formula can help you to:

  1. Have better dream recall.
  2. Have lucid or enhanced dreams.
  3. Have out of body experiences.
  4. Project your astral body.
  5. Remote view
  6. Get really great sleep.

HypnoAthletics – 163

As the wind gently howls, and the seas ebb and flow in the distance, the purest tones will hum, purr and pulse you into a focused and concentrated meditation that may relax you into a deep, calm sleep with vivid dreams.

There are a few moments where you may notice a faint rumbling and beating like the soft pounding of giant-sized percussion raining from the skies all around. At other times there is the precipitation of crystal lightning whispering through the air like like a whistling scream, crying in a far off cave.

Use your imagination to set your intention and then enjoy the journey as your conscious and subconscious minds meld together just as the left and right sides of your brain merge to allow you entrance into something previously unknown. Explore yourself to know yourself and come to know much more than you ever thought possible before.

*** You will best experience the benefits of these audios by listening with stereo speakers placed to the left and right of your head, with surround sound, or stereo headphones. Even if you don’t have these options, the pure, naked tones, notes, vibrations and rhythms will provide a relaxing and meditative atmosphere for you to feel energized, calm and revitalized.

Each track is designed to be put on loop to extend the time as much as you like without disturbance, or combined with any of the other DemiPhase℠ tracks for a complete, healing, meditation adventure.

HypnoAthletics is Exercising Your Mind Towards Universal Harmony and Spiritual Wisdom Through Healthy Living and Self-Defense.

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