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Lucid Dream Accelerator With DemiPhase 11.1 Binauaral Beat Formula

(Exercising Your Mind) In this blog you will find the title podcast with a brief intro about the content, and several embedded audio players for you to stream and download the content you need to accelerate your ability to lucid dream. At the bottom of the page, there is a link to a blog containing another podcast on UniqilibriuM describing in more detail how to use multi-media to help you lucid dream.

The 1st player is the podcast with the intro followed by the complete recording with hypnotic suggestions.Listen to “Lucid Dream Accelerator With DemiPhase 11.1 Binaural Beat Formula” on Spreaker. This second player is the 33-minute, recording with hypnotic suggestions to accelerate lucid dreaming. It does not contain the intro and is all you need to practice.Listen to “Lucid Dreamer DP-11.1 Self-Hypnosis Suggestions To Accelerate Lucid Dreaming” on Spreaker. This 3rd player is the recording “DemiPhase 11.1” and can be used to record your own voice over to create a more personalized lucid-dream accelerator using the example in player number 2 above, or to create any kind of Self-Hypnosis Exercise that works for you.Listen to “DemiPhase 11.1” on Spreaker.

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