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Wake Up Now 6

6 Wake Up Now

Make a Decision – Make a Difference

(Exercising Your Mind) Right this very moment, you can make a decision to do something different than you have been doing.

And why would you want to do something different?

Maybe because what you are doing right now is not working for you.

Just like a recurring dream that you are stuck in because you have not learned the lesson.

So before you release that window of opportunity to learn the lesson, you must Wake Up Now!

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And being the type of person that you are, reading or listening to this message right now, I know that you want something bigger and better out of life.

Because that is who reads what I create – people who want bigger and better things from life.

You realize that as soon as you apply the information that I am sharing with you, bigger and better things will seem to magically appear in your life.

As this happens, you understand that what has really happened is the liberation of your ability to accomplish great things.

So what exactly is it that you can do to Wake Up Now from the old life and habits that have not been working for you?

Sometimes it seems like magic, but what is really going on is that you have not yet understood the underlying structure that is running your life secretly.

And the first part begins with making a decision right now, as I shared with you to begin with.

The only way you would even think to make a decision is to first realize that things are not working out for you as you want them to.

Now you would think this might be pretty obvious.

But it really is not, as you can tell from the fact that there is so much conformity to the will of authority, even when that authoritative will goes against what many people really want.

Even though this is the case, there is a way to move to a higher plane, or a better state of being for yourself in your life.

Do you find yourself complaining about a certain situation, like maybe about the job that you have but do nothing to change the job, or leave it?

Are you in a relationship of some kind that feels toxic, but you still put up with it, even though it makes sense to move on to something different like being solo?

How about some habit like overeating, or being too physically inactive that you know is destroying your health, but you keep doing it anyway without making a change?

In every situation, there is a clear understanding of there being a problem, sometimes to the point of complaining; but no action is taken to create a better way.

Because sometimes, just like in a bad dream or nightmare, we accept the situation as being the ultimate reality no matter how terrible it is.

We get caught in the scene as if it is a movie with a script written in stone.

What must be deeply connected to, is the truth about dreams and life, which is that by changing our minds, we can change our world.

There is an experience known as lucid dreaming.

It is a state of awareness that we open up to that allows us to imagine into existence, things that we did not believe that we had the ability to do before.

And the outstanding feature about this lucid state, is that we simply decide to do something different than just going along with what is happening just because it is happening.

But if your dominant thought is that there is no other choice, then why would you act?

If your dominant thought is that you are not strong enough or able to change, then why would you?

If your dominant thought is that you really do not want change more than you allow the struggle that you are in, then what reason do you have to change?

Rarely is any f this really true.

In your heart and mind you simply make the decision that there are many choices.

You decide with all of your being that you are strong enough and able enough to change.

With full faith in yourself, you must want to live a bigger and better life than the one you have accepted as your final reality, no matter how familiar it is.

Because there is always room for improvement.

And just because something is familiar does not mean it is necessarily good.

Normal means statistically most frequent.

Normal is just what happens most of the time.

But there is nothing about normal that has to mean that it is good.

And you can feel what is really good for you.

But even more than that, you can feel when something is wrong for you.

The decision that you have to make is to actually DO something different.

You can change the reality with your Hypnotic Abyss.

Like if you are not fit, then instead of what you always accept, which is sitting on the couch in front of the television, you decide to get up and take a walk.

Instead of lighting up that cigarette, you decide to practice deep breathing meditation exercises.

In the place of letting opportunity after opportunity escape you, you decide right now to take advantage of the most empowering, and transformational experience of your life again and again.

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