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Wake Up Now 5

5 Wake Up Now

(Exercising Your Mind) There is a very powerful teaching that I learned while browsing some buddhist writing that teaches about the effects of anger with another person.

It says that being angry with another person is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.

Which really breaks down to the fact that anger is poison.

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And I fully agree with this most of the time.

Especially when the anger is bottled up inside without a constructive and healthy outlet to express it with.

Anger is really like one of those destructive hypnosis programs that if we are unaware of is like a death-sleep from which we need to Wake Up Now.

This is one of the main reasons I use a form of physical hypnosis that is mostly known as breathing meditation.

Because I have not found a way to never become angry at all.

What I have found with hypnosis, and breathing exercises is that it can be managed in a healthy way.

Sometimes I can feel anger so deeply, it is physically uncomfortable, like I am literally being poisoned to death.

But because I am able to use the tools I have learned from studying hypnosis, and the breathing meditations I have learned from yoga; I am able to work through it comfortably.

It does not matter if the anger is short-lived and easily forgotten, or long-held and lingering in my mind for hours; I am able to remedy the toxic effects with hypnotic meditation and breathing.

Of course I would much rather not be angry.

I am sure most people would not like to be angry.

Especially if they are being mindful of their physical body, and the sickening feeling that is growing as they are becoming more toxic every moment they do not cancel out the poison.

Because who else is anger really hurting except for the one who is angry?

And this just really proves the point of how useless most anger really is.

Since the only other option is to somehow outwardly do something to express the anger upon the person or situation we are angry with.

But what good does this really do?

And how will we or anyone really benefit from any of this?

So what would probably be best for all of us, is to find some really great and healthy ways to manage our anger.

Because we may as well use the anger as a stimulant for creating a healthier state of being.

We can really use anything as a post-hypnotic suggestion to create healthier habits.

But we may as well attach this type of reminder to something we would best replace.

Like replacing anger with relaxing and calming breaths, and other meditations.

Think about this logically for a few moments and understand exactly what is being suggested here.

That you can take any situation, location, emotion or felling that you experience frequently and make a point to label it as a reminder to practice some healthy habit.

You will be pleasantly surprised at how great this actually works!

Of course, for some the results will come sooner than it does for others.

But just remember the choices.

You can slowly poison yourself to death literally and in other ways…

Or, you can Wake Up Now from that nightmare and set up a reminder to create greater and better health in mind, body, and soul, by making better use of the almost impossible to escape Demon of Anger.

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Check back for more details soon…

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