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Wake Up Now 7

7 Wake Up Now

The Top 10 Reasons You Need To Have Me As Your Mobile Hypnotist

(Exercising Your Mind) Have you ever wished you could multiply your efforts so that all of the energy you put out each day would immediately manifest your dreams?

I am not really sure why anyone, including you dear reader, would answer “no” to that question.

I can only imagine that if you did, then you may not have a pulse.

Of course that is an exaggeration, but it is possible that you may have given up hope on living your dreams.

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Notice that I used the phrase “living your dreams“.

Because this is much different than just sleeping your dreams away in an almost unconscious oblivion.

So take this as a call to action, and a very positive thing when I tell you that you have been lulled into a deep sleep which creates a form of mental slavery.

The reality here that I am even telling you this is a gift.

And the fact that it bothers you a little bit is an indication that you know it is the truth.

So why do YOU need to have ME as YOUR Mobile Hypnotist?

What is a hypnotist in the first place you might ask?

Well, the way that I practice as a hypnotist is as someone who uses hypnosis to modify the behavior of my clients by influencing their belief systems so that they experience the outcome they desire.

The mobile part simply means that I do this very effectively by phone.

Or, if you are reading this on any mobile device, you may have already effectively been unplugged from the Matrix, because everything I write is intended to help you Wake Up Now!

As you continue reading, there may be an even more powerful awakening that you experience when you tap into this valuable resource of illuminating information.

And the following reasons may be one or more of the Top 10 Reasons You Need Me As Your Mobile Hypnotist.

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” – Socrates

  • You don’t really know what hypnosis is, and how to create your own intentions.
  • If you don’t take control of your own mind; then someone else will.
  • You are being hypnotized against your will.
  • You are feeling “stuck” in a place in life you do not know how to change by setting goals.
  • Your thoughts, words, and actions are not consistent with each other.
  • You want to replace bad habits with great habits.
  • You want to learn Self-Hypnosis to empower your life.
  • Negative emotions seem to “have a mind of their own” and get you into trouble.
  • It is difficult for you to make any decisions at all, especially good decisions.
  • You want to learn how to Wake Up Now from unwanted hypnotic trances.

The most effective way to use this list is to read it over several times, and decide for yourself if any of the statements are true.

If none of this makes sense to you, then simply throw it out and do nothing more.

Your mind is completely free and totally under your own control.

On the other hand, if one or more of those statements are true for you, then right now is the time to get into action to take control of your life, and manifest your own dreams into reality.

To learn more about The Best Hypnosis Program in The World, set an appointment with me by clicking this link for info.

I will also be going into more details over the next few weeks and months, right here on HypnoAthletics.

Check back for more details soon…

I Believe In You

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