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Build Your Business Prosperity With Dominant Thought Hypnosis #Part-4#

With Dominant Thought Hypnosis

Build Your Business Prosperity


You must know that it is no easy thing for a principle to become one’s own, unless each day they maintain it and hear it maintained, as well as work it out in life.”

– Epictetus; XXX

(Exercising Your Mind) The success you want to experience is a reality. But you may not know that it is a reality unless it is occurring for you right now.

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As a clinical hypnotist, and creator of my own hybrid discipline called HypnoAthletics, I often charged the San Fernando Valley standard rate; more often a lot more.Instead of $125.00 for an hour session, I would bill my clients for $350.00 to $400.00 for each session.

I did this for a few specific reasons.

I was frustrated with people being shocked at how low my rates were, and instead to be stunned at how high my rates are.

This altered their perceived value of what I was providing them with.

Because the actual value of having a life-changing experience that you truly desire is priceless!

I needed to emphasize that I was not charging for the hour of time, but for the value that I was bringing into that hour of time.

The value of the transformation that was being made.

This also helped me to do less and achieve more, by earning and attracting more money for the same amount, or less amount of work. Being more efficient.

Meanwhile, the clients perceived the value to be more, and took the sessions more seriously than those who paid much less.

But even though I was working a lot less time while making more money, I remained unmotivated myself, and failed to maintain my practice on a regular basis.

Dominant Thought

No labour, according to Diogenes, is good but that which aims at producing courage and strength of soul rather than of body.”

– Epictetus; LXII

There was a huge problem with all of this high value, high priced, clinical hypnosis, client session fulfillment and HypnoAthletics business:

It was completely out of alignment with what I already knew I wanted to do with my life, but had somehow allowed myself to forget.

Long before I had even heard the term being used, or was aware enough to recognize it; I had decided that I was a marketing professional.

But not just any type of marketing.

I knew that my calling was as an Information Marketing Professional!

What I, and many people in business as entrepreneurs, small business owners, home based business professionals and others failed to realize is the thing we most need to understand.

And this is that 90-percent of all business building must be marketing of the business in order for it to be exceptionally successful.

And to me, and many others like Dan Kennedy, Ernie J. Zalinski, Robert Kyosaki, and many others Information Marketing was a central tool in this marketing scene.

Except they knew about it, and I had to learn it from them.

From the many years of reading, listening to, and associating with these people, I had come to this conclusion. I just could not get a handle on it because I could not identify it.

The appeal was that I could massively multiply my efforts by writing, recording, and presenting my offerings and share them abundantly through media duplication.

And in the case of writing and recording, I would not have to be present. And when I was presenting, it would be to a group or audience.

This would effectively leverage my time and resources and make the delivery of my skills much more efficient and far reaching.

Inter The Enternet

Even though I was charging well, and logging some decent hours at premium rates, I was not feeling prosperous or successful.

I admired those who were successful, and even wealthy hypnotists, but something was still feeling very wrong with the way things were going.

I just could not keep myself motivated, even though I was being paid well, and helping clients tap into their own excellence by empowering the winner inside of them.

And it all came down to one primary element that I needed to come to terms with and fully focus on wither laser-precision clarity.

I was experiencing success for sure when looked at from a certain perspective. But it was not a success I intended to experience.

It was the progressive realization of someone else’ worthy ideal, and not that of my own.

Since I could not find the kind of success I wanted, I went out with the intention to create the kind of success I wanted. And ended up finding it after all!

Shortly after graduating from Hypnosis Motivation Institute, I registered the domain name HypnoAthletics and Exercising Your Mind, then got to work putting things together.

I entered the internet on March of 2006, with the intent of sharing information in the hopes that it would raise my visibility, and attract the types of clients that were already demanding the particular types of services I would be supplying.

It has really been all about motivation and self improvement. But more than that, it is an improvement based on results producing application through action.

But not just any action.

The action that we must take, is action based on the reality of a success which is occurring right now in the way that we desire it.

Who is succeeding in a way that you not only admire, but can envision yourself enjoying?

Build Your Business Prosperity

Becoming as clear as possible on the type of success you desire, you are then in a position to recognize where it is occurring so that you can model it and make it your reality.

This is the road to experiencing the state of dominant thought which is the hardest work and the longest part of the journey.

A lot of the time and frustration can be eliminated instantly when we get our bad attitudes, and egos out of the way to be humble enough to follow the path of successful leaders.

Then by following the very specific steps in Part-2, you will be driving the vehicle that you have with much more horsepower and momentum to go where you want to be.

Have you decided yet, very specifically and exactly where it is that you want to go?

You Are The Secret.

I Believe In You

Believe In YourSelf.


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