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Wake Up Now 4

4 Wake Up Now

Three Stages Of Dream Interpretation

(Exercising Your Mind) What most of us do not realize about nightmares, is that they are of our own creation most of the time.

Because a nightmare is really just a dream gone wrong.

And in the middle of such a horrible scenario, your only wish is just to Wake Up Now!

It is a highly focused state where all of our thoughts, emotions, and experiences that are usually held in the unconscious mind, are given life just because we have free access to these ideas.

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There is actually a much more accurate and scientific way to interpret dreams that goes beyond the canned, encyclopedic collection, of one-size-fits all, symbol matching games.

Just like I do not mind spiders or certain other insects crawling on me when I invite them to play, there are others who are so terrified by these small creatures that their only reaction is fear.

They may swat at them, try to kill them, and may even scream.

I also like to play with snakes, and other reptiles.

But again, many people are simply terrified by these creatures, so they will not go near them.

Because of this, it is not very realistic to claim that these different creatures or any other animals, objects or words, have the same symbolic meanings to different people.

A spider or a snake represent friends to me consciously, and this has an effect on my subconscious representations of them when they show up in my dreams.

Those people who are horrified by snakes and spiders consciously, will also have very different subconscious representations of them when they show up in their dreams.

Usually you may think of dreams as only being a part of your sleeping experience.

Maybe this is one of the reasons that Hypnosis was named after Hypnos, the Greek Good of Sleep.

Because we can “day-dream“.

And it is this very highly focused state of mind of day-dreaming, that leaves use very open to suggestions without any critical filtering, that is a type of hypnotic trance.

Even though hypnosis is not actually being in the unconscious state of sleep, there is a very similar condition of being hyper-suggestible without critical thinking.

Everything that is suggested is accepted more readily without question as if it is absolute truth.

Even the most bizarre, and nightmarish things that would be strange or destructive to most people.

Just like we do in dreams.

The dreams that we would call nightmares, if we could only remember anything more than the emotions of fear and terror.

Except that is enough to call it a nightmare for most, even without the memory of the details.

But when you have different tools to use as a way to define the dream experiences that you can remember, as well as the feelings and emotions; there is a way to make use of them for good.

The Three Stages Of Dreaming

  • Wishful Thinking Stage

Right as you are going into the first part of your sleep for the night, there are a lot of things on your mind.

You may be thinking about what happened during that day, about what might happen the next day, what you wish would have happened that day, and what you wish would happen the next day.

All of those thoughts go into your subconscious, and effect the content of your dreams at this stage early in the night of your dreaming.

  • Precognitive / Predictive Stage

In the second and middle part of your dreaming phase, your mind and memory may logically and accurately compute things that are about to happen the next day or further in the future.

This is because of conscious decisions you have made, as well as other things you have done, that you may or may not remember or readily be aware of.

Most of this dream content is actually logical, and based on things that can be known to happen because of things that have already happened. It is cause and effect.

But this cause and effect is computed with a far more advanced part of your mind than your conscious mind and will-power alone can do.

At the same time, there may actually be some form of Psychic ability being activated here that is not yet explained by our mainstream science, or what will be admitted yet.

At this stage you may even be able to predict things that you have had no direct or indirect knowledge of.

So it may seem irrelevant or insignificant as it has nothing to do with you and is easily forgotten as fantasy.

And this stage of dreaming is also in a deeper sleep phase, so would not be remembered as easily anyway without a specific practice to remember.

  • Venting / Release Stage

This stage is the one that if remembered, is the stage where most of the remembering is done.

The Wishful Thinking Stage is the second most remembered stage.

Here, in the Venting / Release Stage, you may remember entire dreams, pieces of the dreams, or just the feelings and emotions of the dreams.

Because of the increased ability to remember, these dreams seem to be the most real, and even though they may be quite ridiculous, they can have a big effect on our thoughts and behaviors.

This may cause many people to take these dreams too seriously and allow their lives to be negatively effected by some of the ones that are not so good.

This is mistaking them for being precognitive or predictive dreams.

What is really happening at this point, and what should be known, is that these dreams are really venting, releasing, and letting go of information that we need to be rid of.

This stage is a way of telling us that the things that we fear, and the situations dreamed of in these imaginings are things we do not have to be concerned with and should not worry for.

We have to let them go.

It is a critical point for these dreams.

Either we let them go, or we give them more power to manifest in our lives because we hold onto them because of our lack of awareness of what they really mean.

On the other hand, there may be very important knowledge that is being presented that we must, and should act on for our own good for things we have been wanting.

But since we have not acted on these things or taken hold of the opportunities, they have been marked as ready for release.

These could be missed opportunities being given one more chance for us to work with or be lost from us almost completely.

They will never be totally deleted, but it may be a sign that the best window for success at the time is finally closing for now.

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