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Capture The Vision Of The Hypnotic Abyss

The Hypnotic Abyss

Capture The Vision

“Separate yourself from the machine,
embrace your own identity.”
– Born Of Osiris

(Exercising Your Mind) Because of the insight, training, and experience that I have accumulated over many years, I am certain that your mind has already been captured by a vision that is not your own.

And this has been done for a purpose while you were not aware.

Because your attention has been distracted by hypnotic devices, designed to capture your mind inside of a conflicting vision that is really a form of blindness.

It is a blindness because it is a vision from the making of another with the intention to carefully control your mind.

And I can not tell you who these others are.

But I do know that they have knowledge like that of my own being used for a purpose that is in conflict with how I put it to use.

It is all the same form of magic in the Universe.

Because the Universe is a formless, neutral substance, that responds directly to the nature of our thoughts.

Destructive thoughts or constructive thoughts just the same.

And some thoughts that we make think are constructive may actually be the opposite.

Like the fact that so many people believe that the use of psychiatric drugs are helpful over the long term.

Or how about the ridiculous obsession and fascination with professional sports teams to the ignorance of your personal fitness and health.

Maybe it is the worship of celebrity achievements and success without the action and dedicated work that it takes to create your own.

You say “bless you” when someone sneezes…

Or feel offended when you sneeze and someone does not.

You have been integrated into a machine that has torn away your own identity.

And here you believe you are free.

Wearing popular fashions, driving cars, wearing make-up; all to be made in the image and vision of someone else that is not you.

Almost like hating yourself while loving someone else that you wish you were.

Like respecting a higher power outside of yourself, while abusing the greater power that is within you, and all about you.

Meanwhile the cure for this disease is the simple understanding that the world does not need a copy of someone else already here.

The world does not need a clone of someone else who is probably already just another sheep as it is.

What the world needs is you.

The world needs you to truly be who you are as unique and different as that is from anything else that has ever been known.

The world needs you to be outstanding and individual, even while being united in strength, purpose, and love.

The Hypnotic Abyss is the subconscious mind where many visions are projected and scattered about like a storm of information.

And because we learn from our environment and experiences, there is everything right with taking parts of these visions to make your own.

But the problem is blindly copying just one vision in the whole form.

Because this is what is meant by being captured by a vision.

Instead, it is our great work too be the ones who do the capturing.

We must go out and take the different pieces of the many visions in the Hypnotic Abyss that work for us, and leave the rest that do not.

And when we truly compose a vision of our own from the many things that we learn and make it unique, the we have done something beautiful.

Only then have we captured the vision.

It is at this time that we truly embrace our own identities, and claim our freedom to really be what we are meant to be.

Because we are all meant to do something great.

Not great as in famous, or loud, and celebrated upon stages.

But great because it is original and authentic.

Great because we have decided to be who we really want to be and share that with the world that we are here to be our genuine selves.

And once you free your mind, then you can go out and capture your vision.

One that is unique of your own.

I Believe In You

Believe In YourSelf

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