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Scientists Warn The Human Brain Is Not Meant To Be Awake After Midnight

(Exercising Your Mind) “Past midnight, negative emotions tend to draw our attention more than positive ones, dangerous ideas grow in appeal and inhibitions fall away“.

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Scientists warn the human mind is not meant to be midnight I’ll be discussing reading through an article of a similar name called the human mind is not meant to be awake after midnight

Scientists warn published by carly castella on the 4 august 2022 on sciencealertcom this podcast is the exercisingyourmind podcast which is directly inspired by the website

Which is where I do wealth attraction research because I know that great health is the truest of all wealth and this podcast serves as an awareness campaign to review different articles that the various authors who publish on my site and just to check their work and bring awareness to them because they provide really great tips

My website wealth attraction research offers free information on vocational and avocational motivation as well as selfimprovement through hypnosis yoga

Kapua and much more and that’s what this trips to do to bring awareness to those free resources on my website there are some links here because this podcast here is about sleep in the human mind and it’s on the podcast

I have the links to the article the human mind is not meant to be awake after midnight scientists warn and also going way back to just give a little demonstration and a link back to when I started documenting one of the first times I started documenting online some of my own sleep research alongside meta analysis of the current research in sleep studies

It’s the first time I really looked at other documents I’ve had stuff online and published before at least since 2006 I’m sure but this is the first time I did anything along with research that I got from this was from the national institutes of health

I believe we’re national institutes of mental health and actually I can look directly who was doing this sleep awareness week and I’ll just get to this article

I don’t see it right away you know what yeah sleep awareness week I’m going to pass on trying to dig it out right now maybe I’ll do it later no wait

I’m looking here it’s not that far away let’s take a look if I put that in here sweep awareness week march 5 through 11th 2012 so it’s a neuroscience cme

Okay neuroscience continue medical education anyway that’s in there I’m going to go ahead and let’s do this read through of the article if I have anything to discuss about it

I’ll do that I may not here we go from the human mind is not meant to be an awake after midnight scientists worn by carly cassella 4 august 2022

It is now the 6 august 2022 at the morning so I’m not well I’m not meant to be awake according to scientists in my mind is not meant to be awake so maybe it’s not really

We’ll see in the middle of the night the world can sometimes feel like a dark place under the cover of darkness negative thoughts have a way of drifting through your mind

And as you lie awake staring at the ceiling you might start craving guilty pleasures like a cigarette or a carb heavy meal I can relate to that happens

All right so far so good here we go plenty of evidence suggests the human mind functions differently if it is awake at nighttime past midnight negative emotions tend to draw our attention more than positive ones

Dangerous ideas grow in appeal and ambitions fall away and inhibitions fall away some researchers think the human circadian rhythm is heavily involved in these critical changes in function

As they outline in a new paper summarizing the evidence of how brain systems function differently after dark their hypothesis called mind after midnight

Suggests the human body and the human mind follow a natural 24 hours cycle of activity that influences our emotions and behavior in short at certain hours

Our species is inclined to feel and act in certain ways in the daytime for instance molecular levels and brain activity are tuned to wakefulness but at night

Our usual behavior is to sleep all right so they’re setting us up here man something that could possibly be obvious right of course our body is going to act differently and respond differently to things at night than it does during the day

So they’re looking more deeply into this and saying it really affects our psychology more significantly let’s continue from an evolutionary standpoint

This of course makes sense humans are much more effective at hunting and gathering in the daylight and while nighttime is great for rest humans were once at greater risks of becoming the hunted

Humans were once at greater risk of becoming the hunted according to the researchers to cope with this increased risk our attention to negative stimuli is unusually heightened at night

Where it might once have helped us jump at invisible threats this hyper focus on the negative can then feed into an altered reward motivation system making a person particularly prone to risky behaviors

Add sleep loss to the equation and this state of consciousness only becomes more problematic all right so going along this is more sleep awareness here

I mean this is really incredible I mean we already know that lack of sleep is pretty detrimental to us pretty bad for us but this article is going into how it changes motivation and reward systems and makes you more prone to risky behaviors

There are millions of people okay I’m quoting now let’s go quote there are millions of people who are awake in the middle of the night and there’s fairly good evidence that their brain is not functioning as well as it does during the day

End quote says neurologist elizabeth clerman from harvard university my plea is for more research to look at that because their health and safety as well as that of others

Is affected the authors of the new hypothesis use two examples to illustrate their point the first example is of a heroin user who successfully manages their cravings in the day but succumbs to their desires at night

The second is of a college student struggling with insomnia who begins to feel a sense of hopelessness loneliness and despair as the sleepless nights stack up

Both scenarios can ultimately prove fatal suicide and selfharm are very common at nighttime in fact some research reports a threefold high risk of suicide between midnight and 06:00 a.m

Compared to any other time of day this is some very important work to me I know two people right now who are suicidal myself I’ve been going through some ups and downs

And I’ve lost a lot and suicide is well it’s become a problem in my life let’s continue to look at this a study in 2020 concluded that nocturnal wakefulness is a suicide risk factor

Possibly through misalignment of circadian rhythms we’re talking about circadian rhythms again and if I can I’m going to link an article I wrote about geophysics and astrology and circadian rhythms that are just mentioned in there

But I think you’ll enjoy the read whether you believe in any of the airy fairy new age stuff like astrology and numerology and hypnosis and all that stuff

But it’s a good read because I flush it out with a good bit of accessible science let’s take a look okay suicide previously inconceivable emerges as an escape from loneliness and pain

And before the cost of suicide are considered the student has acquired the means and is prepared to act at a time when no one is awake to stop them the authors

End quote the authors of the mind after midnight hypothesis explain mind after midnight hypothesis all right so it’s called the mind after midnight hypothesis

Continuing illicit or dangerous substances are also taken more by people at night in 2020 research at a supervised drug consumption center in brazil revealed a 4.7 fold greater risk of opioid overdose at night

Okay continuing on here so that’s interesting let me take a look at that a supervised drug consumption center in brazil I’m actually going to highlight that

And I’m going to put that as a note here in the chat just because I feel like I’m going to use that somewhere like a supervised something consumption center

Right I’m always thinking of ways to facilitate services to people and that just sounds like a supervised consumption center of some kind right that’s what ultimately that is

So I’m looking at a supervised consumption center sometimes that’s very fascinating all right but I didn’t know that there were supervised drug consumption centers in brazil

Let alone anywhere at all I don’t know that there were supervised drug consumption centers that sounds fascinating fascinating prospect I mean who would have known

Right but it seems like it’s something that would make sense especially because it would be a way for people to get treatment but also to get treatment but under supervision

What I find kind of interesting is just that still even though it’s a supervised drug consumption center they still found a 4.7 volts increase in overdoses at night

So I don’t know what kind of supervision is going on there I wasn’t there so I don’t know that they’re talking about any fatal overdoses or anything but still

That is pretty interesting that you could have supervision and still overdose I’m kind of curious how that works I’d like to know okay but until I’m not going to find it any time that soon

So let me just continue here all right we’re almost to the end some of these behaviors okay so let me wrap up there illicit or dangerous substances are also taken more by people at night

In 2020 research at a supervised drug consumption center in brazil revealed a four seven fold greater risk of opioid overdose at night some of these behaviors could be explained by sleep

Debt or the cover that darkness offers but there are probably nighttime neurological changes at play so I think that sums up their whole hypothesis there

That some behaviors can be explained by sleep dead or the cover that darkness office but there are probably nighttime neurological changes at play too

Researchers like clerman and her colleagues think we need to investigate these factors further to make sure we are protecting those most at risk from nighttime wakefulness

To date the authors say no studies have examined how sleep deprivation and circadian timing impact a person’s reward processing so far I haven’t seen any research on that

But oh so so is here hold on but yeah they haven’t seen any let’s look at that again to date the authors say no studies have examined how sleep deprivation and circadian time impact a person’s reward processing

Let me take this call here how are you doing so so how’s you sir I’m all right hey man I’m awake when I should be sleeping here we are yeah man

So what’s going on what you got

Being like a little bit nosy I feel like I got the permission to be nosy or whatever sure of course where are you at what part of the world or country are you in

I’m in texas all right somewhere around texas where it’s hot yeah it’s like 01:00 in the morning over there almost two maybe yeah so you’re burning the midnight oil

As they say too you’re staying up awake late yeah maybe blame it on like everything that you just spoke up on or whatever yeah there’s a lot of stuff going on with sleep

But yeah let me roll through the rest of this thing real quick and if you want to speak on it some more we can I’m at the end of it and I’m just going to get it done since I’m so close

Let me check this out all right so to date the authors say no studies have examined how sleep deprivation and circadian timing impact a person’s reward processing

As such we really don’t know how shift workers such as pilots or doctors are coping with their unusual sleep routine for 6 hours or so a day we know surprisingly little about how the human brain works

Whether asleep or awake the mind after midnight is a mystery okay and this study was published in frontiers in network psychology so that’s it the human mind is not meant to be awake after midnight

Scientists warn but obviously I’m awake after midnight 240 in the morning and so so over around texas is awake too so are you planning to get some sleep at some point in time soon

Man yeah for sure if you look around on this podcast you look in the links you’ll see that there are I do quite a bit of research on basically healthy living

Like different kinds of personal wellness hygiene so that people can get better sleep they can relax and more so feel free to check out lots of free resources on my main website

That’s called exercising your and I give away free information on self

Of movement so give that a look when you can

A lot of good stuff insecurity is crazy


Insecurity insecurity is definitely crazy you don’t want to come out

I’m listening no

I’m listening to you you said insecurity and applying to just in general you don’t want to come out what you were saying no I was just saying like

Just replying to your message that you were saying everybody comes outside at night like a lot of people do a lot of people come outside at night I don’t know

Probably because they hate coming outside in the daytime maybe they look better at night

Maybe a lot of people seem to like the cover of nighttime there’s something about it but do you ever also feel like with the scientists in this paper saying that sometimes it doesn’t feel so good

Even though it feels good but it doesn’t at the same time

To be honest bro I can go on for days about this like it’s really like a bad life

All right yeah I was just losing you that you were breaking up a little bit so I didn’t really hear what you’re saying if you can go ahead and continue

Maybe no I would just pay in my respect all right cool man yeah man I appreciate you yes sir continue to exercise your mind

Well you can continue anytime soon I’m actually going to give it a break right now I got a little bit more work to do in it so I’m going to cut out right now

But you can join any time I’m going to be on here pretty often so swing through any time

All right

Brother you have a good one take care all right everybody so that was scientists warned the human mind is not meant to be a wake up midnight please feel free to check out wealth attraction research search offers free information on vocational and avocational motivation

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