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How Your Family Can Get a Good Night’s Sleep Without Meds

By Camille Johnson

Sleep is a pillar for health, and yet it is so often sacrificed at the altar of a busy life. Everyone, young or old, needs quality sleep. However, what it takes to have that quality of sleep varies from person to person. No one size fits all.

Without getting the quality of sleep needed, the result can be over-exhaustion, poor digestion, mood impairment, lack of productivity, and a foggy mind, among many other consequences. On the flip side, tackling poor sleep can have astronomical results. Courtesy of Hypnoathletics, here are some ideas for how you and your family can turn your restless nights into restful nights — without the use of prescription medications.

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Set a Routine

Our bodies are creatures of habit. Doing the same thing every day, around the same time, triggers the brain to expect what is next. Some people benefit from longer routines while others benefit from shorter routines. You will have to work to find the rhythm that works for you. Some things you can try to incorporate into a nighttime routine include:

  • Reading
  • Taking a warm bath
  • Setting a bedtime
  • Diffusing essential oils 
  • Eliminating stimulation
  • Sipping a soothing beverage 
  • Stretching

Of course, finding the right rhythm and length of the perfect routine may take some time. So, be sure to stick to a plan for a few weeks before changing it, but have enough flexibility to drop whatever is causing more stress than rest. Consistency is the key to establishing a routine that will trigger your body to prepare for a good night’s sleep. 

Find Out if You Have Sleep Apnea

If you’re not sleeping well, sleep apnea could be to blame. Sleep apnea is a condition characterized by paused breathing while you sleep, and this oxygen deprivation can lead to snoring or cause you to wake up during the night. One possible culprit for sleep apnea is crooked teeth, so you may need to visit a dentist to get their professional option. A sleep specialist can also run a sleep test to help determine the cause of your sleep apnea.

Use Technology Aids

It is now known that blue light can disrupt sleep. According to Harvard Health, blue light suppresses melatonin, which the brain naturally produces for rest and sleep. Because blue light is associated with television screens, phone screens, and computer screens, people often leap to the conclusion that technology is not helpful. However, there are numerous devices that can promote restful sleep and that don’t involve blue light at all.

For instance, a sound machine that produces white noise, rain, or wind sounds can help even the most active minds focus on the sound, drift off to dreamland, drown out exterior noises, and stay asleep longer. Alternatively, you could simply use a white noise app on your phone. And if you’re someone who has nightly wakings to use the restroom, investing in a motion-activated low light that gently illuminates the floor can keep you from banging into the furniture while walking in the dark (or jolting yourself awake with bright lights). 

Soothe the Mind

Some days are very busy or hard, while others are active or long. Your brain needs a chance to wind down. You can’t be wound up for hours and then expect the brain to settle down for sleep. 

Aside from establishing a routine as discussed above, you could also try journaling before bed to get out all your thoughts. Meditation before sleep helps the mind focus on the present and prepare for its next activity. Applying stress management techniques can also help soothe the mind and can help you prepare for bed. Best of all, these methods, according to ZenBusiness, can help you in your work and personal life too. 

Sleep is essential to overall wellness. While it is possible to have a few nights without a sufficient number of hours of sleep or without quality deep sleep, a body can’t be sustained on that for long. To ensure that you and your family can put your best foot forward during the day, take the time to build positive sleeping habits. Make it a priority, and you’ll be sure to see drastic improvements throughout the day. 

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