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Successful, Confident Accomplishment of Goals & Desires Parts 1 & 2

(Exercising Your Mind) These versions have been enhanced with brain wave synchronizing frequencies. This is so that both sides of your brain are working more harmoniously together to help you relax, and be more suggestible to the beneficial, verbal suggestions. Previous versions with gentle music can be found here -> Action Proof Formula <- Voice only versions are also available as tracks # 2 & 3 >HERE<

Listen to “Successful, Confident Accomplishment Of Goals, Objectives & Desires #1 Emotional Incubation” on Spreaker. Listen to “Confident, Successful Accomplishment Of Goals, Objectives & Desires #2 Emotional Activation” on Spreaker.

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Why This Works

You have a better chance of successfully accomplishing your desired goals, objectives, and purposes when you replace any negative emotions attached to the thought of the goal, with productive and positive emotions.

If you feel like you will fail or be disappointed whenever you think about or imagine your goals and desires; then your mind will produce thoughts and behaviors that will create a path of action in alignment with you experiencing a result that justifies those negative feelings and emotions.

Fortunately, the opposite is also true. When you feel productive and positive emotions as you think about your goals, objectives, purposes, and desires; your mind will produce thoughts and behaviors that will create a path of action in alignment with you having an experience that realizes those positive emotions and feelings.

The System

This 2-part formula is called “The Emotional Incubation Method” plus “The Emotional Activation Process“. They are collectively called “Action Proof Formula“.(1) The first part is the Incubation Method. This is where you will plant, nourish, grow, and nurture the feelings and emotions that happen when you successfully accomplish something that you want to do. (2) The second part is the Activation Process. This is where you associate and attach those feelings and emotions of successful accomplishment with some future goal or desire that you have.

How To Use This Formula

  1. First, listen to “The Emotional Incubation Method” as many times as is necessary for you to develop the ability to say a key word, words or phrase that allows you to instantly recall, stimulate, and activate calm, confident feelings and emotions of successful achievement, attainment, and accomplishment.
  2. Next, decide what goal, objective, purpose, or desire you want to associate and attach these productive and positive feelings with.
  3. Finally, listen to “The Emotional Activation Process” to blend the thought of your future goal with these productive emptions. You can use Emotional Activation with as many different goals and purposes as you like by simply inserting the idea of it into your focus as you listen to the meditation.


Be sure that you are able to trigger, recall, and activate the positive emotions that you want to associate with your goals before going into The Emotional Activation Process. Anytime you need a boost, just follow the suggestions in The Emotional Incubation Method to recharge your emotional banks with productive and positive emotions that you can activate at will.

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