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COVID-21 Stress Relief – FREE Audio Meditation

Whether or not you believe that the COVID-19 virus is real, or just some conspiracy theory; it does not matter. The anxiety, fear, stress, and worry that has come with the resulting conditions imposed upon us all is a very real experience. This FREE audio meditation is offered to help soothe and relieve stress that may be just as pandemic as the virus currently sweeping across the planet. It is part of the “Dolphyn BrainWashing for Higher Living Series”.

Transition smoothly into 2021 and listen to this COVID-21 meditation to help you find relief from the negative and undesirable feelings and emotions that you might have, and replace them with calm, confidence, and soothing relaxation.

Stream or Download the audio now

Read how the Wall Street Journal says that hypnosis can help

in this article “Alexa, Hypnotize Me“.

Or download the pdf of the original publication from WSJ below called “Can Hypnosis Cure The Pandemic Blues?”

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