Self-Care is a Health ‘Must,’ not a ‘Maybe’

Self-Care is a Health ‘Must,’ not a ‘Maybe’ By Monica Smith Making time for self-care is important for one’s mental health. It means doing simple things that give you joy and that make life worth living. It’s also about simple actions … Continue reading

Master Motivation And Self-Improvement With This Self-Hypnosis Exercise (S.H.E.)

(Hakeem Alexander) (Exercising Your Mind)  “Personal Exploration Topic (p.e.t.): A theoretical construct that utilizes a more constructive linguistic framing in place of the usual terms like issues, problems, etc..” READ: The Original Blog Post S.H.E. – Self Hypnosis Exercise … Continue reading

Learn This Secret To A More Powerful Memory And Improved Health

For A More Powerful Memory And Improved Health Learn This Secret (Exercising Your Mind) This is very important, so I will just get right to it. Because this is something that you absolutely must do to improve the quality of … Continue reading

Hypnosis 7

7 Hypnosis Sleep Aid (Exercising Your Mind) What would you do to get better sleep? [Check out the Hypnosis Video for Sleep at the bottom of this article.] So many of you reading this are willing to do almost anything … Continue reading

Wake Up Now 2

2 Wake Up Now (Exercising Your Mind) Relief from stress through relaxation is in very high-demand these days. Everywhere I go there are stressed-out, anxious, and worried people longing for relief from these demons of the mind that also wreak … Continue reading

Hypnosis 1

1 Hypnosis (Exercising Your Mind) We can make ourselves more “lucky” I know this because I live a very lucky life. I live a life in a world where everything just seems to fall into place for me all the … Continue reading

How To Relax – Including A Relaxation Hypnosis Video

HypnoAthletics Works Here’s How To Relax (Exercising Your Mind) Stress, worry, and anxiety are very often big problems for a lot of people, including me. But they are manageable problems because I have been working on the solutions for many … Continue reading

The Best Hypnosis Program In Southern California 9

In Southern California 9 The Best Hypnosis Program (Exercising Your Mind) How would you like to take total control and possess ultimate power? What if you could reliably predict the successful outcome of 9,999 out of 10,000 life situations you … Continue reading

The Best Hypnosis Program In Southern California 8

In Southern California 8 The Best Hypnosis Program (Exercising Your Mind) There actually can be a very easy, quick, and effortless solution to achieving all of you heart’s passionate desires. It is easy, quick, and effortless compared to a life … Continue reading

Psychology Of Hypnosis

Hypnosis Psychology (Exercising Your Mind) Your greatest passions and dreams are waiting to be unlocked to become your beautiful, enchanting, and vivid reality, right this very moment. You know there is more for you to be, to do, and so … Continue reading