Psychematics: The Kinematics of Behavioral Science

Magnitude and Direction (Exercising Your Mind) We can wait for the things we want to happen, or we can make the things happen that we want. We can make the things happen that we want by unlocking the secrets of … Continue reading

Handwriting is an Ideomotor Function that Stimulates a Dynamic Ideomotor Response

(Exercising Your Mind) The word ideomotor is a combination of the words ideo and motor. Respectively, they are defined as “idea”, or mental representation, and “muscular action”. The word ideodynamic uses the suffix “dynamic” to indicate that there are more … Continue reading

M.E.T.A.-Physics: The Reality of Royalty

What this is in reality telling us, is that we are one-hundred percent responsible for creating and causing all of our experience. Therefore, if we are willing to take one-hundred percent responsibility for our lives, then we can build or re-build our experience and lives however it is that we would like it to be.

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