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Lucid Dreaming and the Illusion of Death

Do You Believe You Can Fly?

(Exercising Your Mind) One of the best feelings is being able to fly. And a lot of people get to do this all the time when they close their eyes and drift into sleep. The coolest part of all this is when you can not only remember flying, but when you know you are dreaming and can control the experience of flying whenever you want.

What is Lucid Dreaming?

Being aware that you are dreaming is known as “Lucid Dreaming”. Being aware that you are dreaming AND being able to control your dreams is sometimes known as “Super Lucid Dreaming”. But let’s keep it simple and just call all things related to this experience lucid dreaming.

A Super-Powered Realm

I have been a lucid dreamer for a very long time. It is an experience I have had almost every single night for the past 39 years since I was 4 years old. And flying is only just one of the many cool super-powers you can have when you master the skill of lucid dreaming. One of the powers I use very often is telekinesis, or the ability to move things without physically touching them. I can also manifest anything that I want into my dreams. I can create things as small as pens, REd COiNs, or even things as large as helicopters and buildings. I have been able to conjure lighting bolts like Thor, and have the super-strength to lift or move any object, no matter what the size or weight. Stopping bullets? No problem. Breathing underwater? Like a fish. In lucid dreams you can do almost anything you wish.

There is Life After Life

As exciting as having al those super-powers may be, I have been developing the skill of lucid dreaming for what I consider to be an even more important adventure. Many years ago I was told about how certain Tibetan Monks trained themselves in lucid dreaming, along with other practices as a way to prepare for dying in this physical world. With continued repetition, the more I practiced lucid dreaming and had other experiences with its cousin “Astral-Projection“, the more I realized that many of my experiences were, and are in fact “walks” in the land of the dead.

I have had numerous encounters with people who have died very long ago; others who have died more recently, and have received information about people who will die in the future. I had been given several messages that told me over and over again that Flor Elizabeth Carrasco; my wife was going to die long before me. It was as if I was being prepared for the loss. But I didn’t pay attention to it. Like most people, I shrugged it off and refused to accept that I would experience such a thing.

The Illusion of Death

But we don’t really “die” in the usual sense that most people use the word, or other words like dying, died, dead, and death. In reality, death is an illusion. The illusion of death is just one of many illusions that we experience. Not knowing about these illusions is the cause of so many unwanted feelings such as fear. A fear that almost everyone experiences is the fear of dying. The thing is, we should not be afraid of dying; we should be more concerned about not living.

The more certain I became of the fact that we do not really die, I began detaching from my present, physical life experience and giving much more importance to my lucid dreams. I even lost my way for a while and seriously planned out my suicide when my wife died a little more than a year ago. I was in so much shock from the grief, anger, and guilt that I had amnesia of all that I learned about living life to the fullest. I was ready to throw my life away so that I could be with her again. But that would be the very definition of not living. I know what my purpose is, and I have to do my best to express it fully for as long as I can in this world.

This is similar to the purpose we all have. The thing to understand most about the fact that we are eternal souls is that our existence has many levels to evolve through. What we now call “life” on Earth is just one level. The more fully we authentically express ourselves in our current plane of being, the better equipped and trained we will be for the next plane we enter into. You can think of it like a game in sense. You have to master each part, level by level so you can advance onward to win the game. The objective of spiritual unfoldment is not about winning though; It is about PERFECTION.

Playing the Game

Evolving into perfection does not mean that you can not have fun. You can develop the skills that will be useful for your continued experience while in the dream world and enjoy yourself while doing it. It is an incredible feeling to be able to do the things that you can once you become aware that you are dreaming. However, it takes practice to gain more control of the experiences and remain in the lucid dream state for longer periods of time. So going back to the game analogy, you just have to be willing to play over and over again so that you can get in the practice you need.

How to Lucid Dream

There are a lot of different methods and techniques for learning how to lucid dream. I will only share one of them here that I think is simple and effective enough for almost anyone to use pretty easily. If you would like a more in depth guide that includes many more techniques for lucid dreaming, you can contact The University of Metaphysical Sciences to take their course entitled “Lucid Dreaming: The Virtual Reality Inside You” by Christine Breese.

One of my favorite techniques is to simply ask and answer a question when you get a reminder to do so. For example, whenever you walk through a door, you ask yourself “Am I dreaming? and then answer “Yes, I am“. You can use any convenient reminder like when you walk through a door to prompt you to ask the question, just be creative. The reason you practice this question and answer ritual is to train yourself to do it regularly. Many things carry over into your dreams, and this will too when you make it a habit through repetition. Eventually, you will ask yourself that question while you are dreaming, and then the adventure will begin.

Sometimes you might get so excited that you wake up as soon as you realize you are dreaming, but stay encouraged. It takes a little bit of self discipline to get a hold of it. One way to learn how to be in more control during your lucid dream state is to practice relaxation and meditation based on breathing exercises. A simple one is to breath in while counting in your mind to 3 or 5, and then breathing out for another count of 3 to 5. Each time you breathe out, relax your muscles almost as if you are going limp just like when you are sleeping. Practicing relaxation is important in any case, so if becoming a lucid dreamer helps to motivate you to practice breathing exercises, then you get a very healthy benefit as a bonus.

Expanding Consciousness

One of the greatest things that I think lucid dream can offer to us is the expansion of our consciousness. This has been my experience. The realm of lucid dreaming has initiated me into the understanding that there is so much more than our physical reality. There is an existence beyond the physical – a metaphysical existence. This metaphysical reality is the foundation of all reality and can offer us unlimited insights into our current lives; the life we enter thereafter, and all other lives that ever could be.

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