Year: 2009

HypnoAthletics, OrthoMolecular

What the BLEEP is happening to the Health, Wellness, and Personal-Development Movement?

if I see a fat, cigarette-smoking, soda-pop guzzling seminar or church leader rattling off about how his or her religion, philosophy, book or other product will make me feel better, guide me to
salvation, or you fill in the blank benefit, I’d think deeply before I buy it. Literally and figuratively. And you probably should too …

Events and Premieres

Laurie Handlers: Tantric Tourists making it’s debut in the US on Oct 24 at the Fort Lauderdale Film Festival

Laurie Handlers, tantra workshop
teacher is a returning guest. She recently starred in a documentary film shot in
India three years ago along with a number of butterflies
face=”Georgia, serif”>. Tantric
Tourists has won awards at three festivals in other countries and is making it’s
debut in the US on Oct 24 at the Fort Lauderdale Film Festival.

Athletics, KappaGuerra

Capoeira Contemporanea: Salvaging Combat Effectiveness from a Badly Organized Circus with KappaGuerra

if you learn how to remain in striking range as Anderson Silva did, while being
deft enough to evade Forrest Griffin’s (your opponent’s) attack, a-la a very
advanced Ali-like “rope-a-dope”, all while maintaining the positioning to
deliver “killing-strikes” of your own, you then have an effective martial arts
tool. …

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