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Hypnosis and Water: Analogies of Natural Phenomena

By Hakeem Alexander

(Exercising Your Mind) A continuous and most joyful endeavor of mine is to discover interesting similarities between various phenomena.

The reason for this is to gain greater understanding in order to more effectively apply these methods or modalities.

In this case, I choose to demonstrate how I have noticed a close correlation between the ways that mankind has made use of two naturally occurring phenomena:

Hypnosis and Water.

Through this analogy and analysis, I trust you will find useful applications for self-hypnosis through a better understanding.

Once understood from a more accessible perspective, you will find yourself able to identify certain natural states and conditions of mind from an enhanced and empowered position.

Since I am sure that the conscious utilization of water preceded that of hypnotism, or at least I have experienced water’s benefits before hypnosis, I will therefore begin with its description as the template for how I see the usage of hypnosis being analogous to this quencher of thirsts.

It is most likely quite well understood that water is a natural substance that covers about seventy-five percent (75%) of the Earth’s surface.

It is composed of two hydrogen atoms and one atom of oxygen, molecularly known as H2O.

It is abundant in its natural state and a most necessary component of life for nearly all known organisms including of course, humans.

We experience water as rain, seas, oceans, lakes, rivers and streams.

Water may now be purchased, as you might know, in plastic or glass containers of all sorts.

Each container or bottle may have different features from sport-tops, spill-proof nozzles and all manner of other contraptions.

It is this clever and convenient packaging which lends its appeal to many consumers and thirsty persons around the globe.

And, in order to distinguish the bottlers from one another in the hopes of outselling the competition, each producer boasts a natural or refreshing brand name like EarthSprings, SpearTail, FreeSea, KrystalStreams, LifeFlow, or what have you.

Often times some mineral additives or special filtration process is advertised as the reason for the superiority of the flavor or hydration potential attributed by each manufacturer.

Similarly, hypnosis is a natural mental state which makes accessible the subconscious mind.

The subconscious is reported to be responsible for about eighty-eight percent (88%) of our mental powers.

It is induced by repetition and association, known as the Laws of Self-Hypnosis. All hypnosis is actually self-hypnosis.

It is abundant in its natural state and a most necessary part of the mentality of some animals and all humans.

We experience hypnosis as daydreaming, focused concentration, reminiscing, pretending, visualizing and imagining.

Hypnosis may now be purchased, as you might know, in philosophical containers of all sorts.

Each container or modality may have different features such as lulling speech, eye fascinations, arm-rigidities, visualizations and all manner of other trappings.

It is this charming and intriguing systematization which appeals to many clients and curious persons around the world.

And, in order to distinguish the hypnotists from one another with the objective to draw the most followers, each hypnotist boasts a motivating label like hypnosis, NLP, metaphysics, guided imagery, meditation, or whatever.

Quite often, some unique trance-induction process, noble or divine doctrine is touted as the reason for the superiority of the personal development potential attributed by each hypnotist.

Both hypnosis and water have been found to be ubiquitous (everywhere) and vital for the existence of humanity.

Each one has been contained either through the use of bottles or specific methods. And finally, the two have been named in order to distinguish themselves from other organizations or persons delivering the substance or facilitating the state.

The point of this analysis is to dispel myths about what hypnosis may be.

The state is as natural as water. It is a vital component of our mental lives and being.

Hypnosis is simply how we learn, remember, create habits, beliefs and other conditioned responses.

It is not always recognized as such because the same mental process goes by many different names, just as different distributors of bottled water use different pseudonyms for the same natural product.

Hypnosis may be called learning, trance, meditation, metaphysics, guided imagery and so forth.

However they are all governed by the same processes of induction, which are repetition and association.

Self-hypnosis, or repetition and association are the keys to the understanding and mindful application of the various and wonderful powers of the mind.

When we can fully comprehend it simply, as a natural occurrence that can be controlled or contained, as if in a bottle like water, we then empower ourselves.

By changing our perception of hypnosis from being an inconceivable and mysterious phenomena to one that is a natural and controllable state, we are free to use it responsibly to awaken our most powerful abilities.

Just like water can be contaminated by dirt, mercury, and other impurities, so can hypnosis be poisoned by ego and greed.

If you were to unleash all of the supplies of water from all the different containers you would be awash in a veritable sea.

Likewise, all of the different philosophies and applications of hypnosis may be overwhelming.

But this is if you do not know how to swim.

In order to stay afloat within this flood of information, all you must do is to observe your own natural states of how you learn and remember things, which you will recognize as repetition and association.

You may find through this self-analysis, that many of your beliefs, habits and other mental conditions have simply been impressed into your memory by your own repeatedly returning to past events in your imagination, along with the associated physical feelings and/or emotions that went along with the memory.

This sets up a cycle so that whenever you feel an emotion that is similar to the one in the memory, you return to the memory even when you were not actively attempting to recall it.

The associated emotion or feeling is then reinforced, so that the next time you feel it, the memory returns.

The effect is compounded and intensified as this cycle continues.

A great tool in learning to drink instead of drown in your thoughts, is to count yourself out of the state of hypnosis as soon as you recognize it from your personal observations.

This may take some time to get used to, but once you have conditioned yourself to being familiar with the trance, you may use it with confidence and awareness.

Simply count out loud, or if that’s not appropriate, to yourself, from one to five (1-5) and then say something like “here I am , alert and aware” or “eyes open, wide awake.”

It is also very useful to take in a deep breath and / or to stretch when applicable.

This serves as an additional anchor to the more alert and awakened state.

It is deceptively simple but quite effective.

If you find some unwanted emotion triggered while you are driving and are cut-off by an inconsiderate driver for example, you just dehypnotize yourself by saying “1-2-3-4-5, eyes open wide awake.”

If you are dwelling on a past relationship and would like to deal with it at another time, then snap out of the thought by saying “1-2-3-4-5, here I am, alert and aware.”

Anytime you find yourself fascinating upon something that is distracting from what you would rather be doing, to focus on what is at present most appropriate, or to be free of an annoying state of mind, use this technique and you will certainly with practice, become a master of self-hypnosis and your own mental states.

Remember, hypnosis is not some magical entity conjured or manufactured by man.

It is a natural, abundantly occurring state and is an easy to contain and use phenomena just like water.

If you look at it this way, then you are free to bottle it up whenever you identify its presence.

Then, much like water, instead of being washed away or drowning, you shall drink, be refreshed and nourished by the life-enhancing empowerment of self-hypnosis

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