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Happiness Is WithIn The Hypnotic Abyss

WithIn The Hypnotic Abyss

Is Happiness

“Saying something a hundred times
is not as good as living it once.”

(Exercising Your Mind) In November of 2012, a dear friend of mind was hospitalized for a serious condition.

Because I care for them so much, I took an extended absence from working to visit them everyday during as many visiting hours that were available.

I also snuck in some visiting time that was not official whenever I could.

The truth about it is that it was very exhausting.

It began to catch up with me as I was exposed to a lot of people who were very ill, and not on their best behavior.

It began to drag me down and I felt like I was running into walls.

It was tearing me apart, and I was crying every day.

But that is never the end of anything with me.

Because I eventually remember that I have a lot of experience and training with transforming the state of my being whenever I want to.

So I tappped into my internal resources to begin searching for a way to recharge my spirit to get control of my emotions back.

The reason for this is that I know I would be a much better healing influence on my dear friend when I took care of myself.

The best way to heal the sick is to be healthy for yourself.

The challenge was that the illness was one of the mind and spirit as well as the body.

But I knew that when I got control of the mind and spirit, I would have e better position to work from in healing the body.

Then I had an intuition that was actually inspired by a reminder that my friend who was in the hospital had reminded me of before.

So I set out to use my logic to find out how and why this inspired idea was true.

Because I know about myself that when I can rationally convince myself of something using logic, it becomes my dominant thought in experience.

Over and over in my mind and imagination, I thought about why this was true, and worked out a lot of examples.

I already knew it was, but knowing something is different than doing something.

I was terribly unhappy with the situation I was in.

My dearest friend was in the hospital, I was running out of money and could not pay my rent or buy food to eat.

I felt like a complete failure in life without any power or control over anything; but that was all about to change.

I realized the truth about the statement that my friend reminded me of and continued to make it true in my own mind.

Until finally I realized it by using my thoughts to radiate an internal energy throughout my entire spirit being to my body.

I just felt happy.

There were images that came with the feeling.

There were words that came with the feeling.

There were sounds, flavors, and aromas that came with the great joy and feeling of happiness that I created inside of myself.

I realized that I was feeling bad about myself because of things that were going on outside of me.

Then one day as I was thinking about my friend and their voice, their, scent, the touch of their skin, and their smile, I felt happier.

I was remembering a time when we were happy and healthy together.

And I understood something quite transformational that has changed my life for the better in what appears to be a permanent way.

I realized that both my unhappiness and my happiness were being triggered by things that were outside of me.

But  the actual feeling and experience of these things were happening inside of me.

the outside situations were only stimulators for something I already knew how to produce, create, and feel.

So I changed my posture;

I changed my breathing;

I changed the tone of my voice;

I changed the things I was paying attention to;

I read inspirational books, listened to inspiring audios;

I looked at inspiring images and watched inspiring videos;

I changed my facial expressions.

I simply started to smile more, just like I began to smile and laugh when I thought about the happy times we had together.

And it became true to me in experience what they had reminded me of that got me thinking about how I could really make it rue.

Because there is a big difference between knowing something, and actually doing that something that you know.

My dear friend had once reminded me that “Happiness Is WithIn.”

So I was determined to make that true for me.

Because I needed to.

And then one day, as I was walking around the corner to go to the hospital visiting area, I was struck with the full reality of it all.

Happiness is within.

I knew it was the truth because I was feeling it. I was making it true and it was as real as the sidewalk I was stepping on.

I went through the automatic doors and checked in with security and got a visitor sticker before getting on the elevator.

I stepped inside the elevator and turned around as the two doors slowly closed in front of me, I took a deep breath and looked up.

And there, carved in wood, hidden in the shadows of a small section that was now closed but used for semi-private gatherings in the hospital was an image that I will always remember.

Right below the ceiling, engraved in a wooden panel, always there, but I did not notice until I made it my reality were the words…

“happiness is within”

I smiled even bigger as the elevator ascended up to the second floor where I would greet my friend.

I had created a whole new world, and now I get to live in it forever.

I Believe In You

Believe In YourSelf

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