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Secret Of The Hypnotic Abyss

Secret Of The Hypnotic Abyss

The HypnoAthletics Way of the Guru GrandMaster

(Exercising Your Mind) Sometimes it seems like there is a long lost secret that people are using to achieve success when in your leans years.

It is easy to look about us and search for something that is missing because the results we have are not quite what we are in alignment with.

So we keep searching in books, other media, and people around us.

Time after time we are upset with what we find, if we find anything at all.

And to some people struggle to find the secret is not even an issue.

Specifically when it comes to money.

Some people can not relate to the quest for wealth and abundance because they have always had it.

Or, doing things in the certain way that causes a person to experience great wealth and riches in money has always been part of their program.

Unlike someone like Oprah Winfrey who was in poverty, mentally,  and sexually abused for part of her life.

But she did something very courageous instead of conforming.

She explored very deeply the world of literature and reading.

So that the books she read fueled her imagination with things she had not known before.

With things she may not have known if she did not start reading those books when she did.

And suddenly she had greater things to think about and to hoope for beyond the life that had been suffering for her.

All it took was a dream.

Because dreams are very powerful things when we take action to bring them into our reality.

But we first have to wake up and dream in an active way, like getting in the game rather than just watching the game on TV.

Yet somehow this does not even become possible until we know that there is a game to play.

Actually, we do know all along, and that is why we call to those things, so that in some way, through books, people, or dreams we come to know.

If only we let the dreams grow, read the book some more, and get around those people.

It is up to us to empower ourselves and increase this new understanding.

Because yes, it is always there within us in the form of a desire, even when we do not know exactly what the feeling is, we know something is missing.

So we somehow magnetize it to us.

Sometimes we miss it because we do not know what we are even experiencing.

But then the desire calls it more, and if it is strong enough, we become aware that the opportunities for growth and change have always been there around us.

We just needed to change our perspective.

Like when you look out into a beautiful desert or ocean.

It may seem tranquil, calm, and empty.

But look at it with a telescope or even a microscope, and a whole new world comes into life right before us.

Always there, yet unseen because of our limited perspective.

Because the hypnotic abyss may seem like a tranquil sea where ignorance is bliss in the comfort of conformity.

Or it may seem like it is a hopeless nightmare from which there is no escape.

But there is always an escape; you know the escape.

Many times it is more than an escape because it is a triumph.

The seed of which is the secret.

That all we need is to nourish that seed.

To give it the light of awareness and the waters of desire.

And we can cultivate that seed into a garden, and a great, thriving, and mighty field of life.

There is a peace inside us all.

Even in the chaos and the torture that life can sometimes seem to be.

And maybe you are or not so fortunate if you are one who never had to fight for your existence, or to know something other than poverty and pain.

So that we accept that we all have our own path and purpose, just being different from each other with no one being necessarily better.

Because we all hold the secret peace inside us all.

It is who we really are.

It is our authentic self.

Because the world needs you, not a clone of someone who came before.

The Universe brought you into existence for a good reason, and that is why the secret is you.

For you to be who you really are in this hypnotic abyss that will just dull you into a numb dream not designed by you.

But you are better than that and you have always felt it, no matter what position in life you came into this world in.

You know that you are here to be what you are and to share all the best of it for the best of everything and everyone.

And so you are here seeing these words, reading them or hearing them being read to you.

So that you know you are in the right place at the right time…

Because you have always been.

You are the secret.

I Believe In You

Believe in YourSelf

Find The Cure For It

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