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The Physical Hypnosis Of KappaGuerra


The Physical Hypnosis

The Only War
To Wage Is WithIn

Come play Capoeira with me: 818-430-xxxx

(Exercising Your Mind) I have been  a long time student of our mental powers because cartoons taught me about brainwashing.

I saw a lot of evil villains as a child in comics and on TV controlling the minds of their victims in order to dominate the world.

But I also saw that there was a way to use the same techniques to free the minds of those people, and myself if we were so enslaved.

I understood that the difference between inspirational influence and malicious manipulation was in the intent of the one using the mind skills.

So it is simply a matter of what you want to, or intend to do with the things that you learn about the subconscious mind.

Good for me, I was introduced to Capoeira by my good friend Jose when I was 15-years old.

I have been practicing and training the movements and music of Capoeira now for 21-years.

It has been one of the best things that I have continued to do with my life because of the confidence sustaining physical fitness I have retained.

It has become a wonderful addiction that has actually triumphed over other addictions that I would pick up and throw off over the years.

I can not serve two masters.

Maybe that is OK for some people but it does not work for me.

Because playing Capoeira and practicing the movements requires my body to stay in top form.

Come play Capoeira with me: 818-430-xxxx

So smoking tobacco, marijuana, drinking beer, and being fat do not help.

I can not have those bad habits and fully enjoy my Capoeira life.

And Capoeira is so enjoyable that I am able to make a choice between the bad habits or Capoeira very easily.

I always choose Capoeira.

But it goes way beyond that.

Capoeira practice has led me to being a professional fitness trainer.

Because of this, I learned to teach mat-pilates, yoga, boot-camp classes, kickboxing, boxing, submission wrestling, and so much more.

This addiction to personal development through physical fitness was running parallel to a time when I learned about success principles.

These were based on the subconscious mind as I learned about them from the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

I began reading that book just a few years after I learned about Capoeira, and actually began with my first teacher, Mestre Pele at that time.

Eventually, I enrolled in the first nationally accredited college of hypnotherapy to further my knowledge and application of mental methods.

Since then, I have integrated the core movements, strategies, tactics and philosophies of Hypnosis, Yoga, and Capoeira into my system.

There are a lot more parts from other disciplines but those 3 are well-known, and they are a great representation of what I do.

I call this system KappaGuerra – The Only War To Wage Is WithIn.

It is a way that I have been able to control my mind by using my body in a productive way.

KappaGuerra is my system for spinning the Think and Grow Rich idea upside down, and then merging the two methods.

Think and Grow Rich teaches how to think your way into a new way of acting…

KappaGuerra is a system for acting your way into a new way of thinking.

Together, these two powerful processes have been my secret weapon for remaining motivated, while inspiring others to make transformations.

And it is all weaved into a wonderful and fun game that is based on making friends while improving each other’s lives through creative interaction.

Because that is what friends are for!

We get together and lift each other up because that is what life is all about for me, and that is what I choose to live by.

What do you choose to live by?

Have you made a choice?

Maybe you could use a boost!

Come play Capoeira with me: 818-430-xxxx

I Believe In You

Believe in YourSelf

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