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Earn More Money By Remote Influencing With DemiPhase Brain-Wave Synchronization

This Frequency Formula is being used to successfully Remote-Influence the outcome of getting a higher-paying job, close a lucrative business deal, obtain a work visa, get more clients, or simply attract more money from donations, gifts and any other channels that money can flow through to you.

Remote Influencing is very closely related to Remote Viewing and in a similar way goes beyond space and time. This means that by focusing on the successful outcome of the goal of earning or getting more money, your chances are increased if you do it while listening to this audio.

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Listen to “Earn More Money By Remote Influencing With DemiPhase Brain-Wave Synchronization” on Spreaker.

Because this DemiPhase sound design will allow the two halves of your brain to synchronize and go beyond the physical boundaries of space and time, it allows you to successfully influence the desired outcome remotely from the space and time you are in right now (or anytime you are listening and meditating on the goal). The specific cocktail of frequencies used in this design can be found at the very end of this description.

Use the Balance Protocol to set up a mindset to Earn More Money by planting the seeds in your subconscious mind, and beyond that, synchronizing your brain-waves so that they more readily reconnect beyond the physical world allowing you to tap in to the abundance all around you.

How to Use the Balance Protocol to Earn More Money

1. Get into a comfortable position suitable for relaxation, or whatever activity you can safely do while listening to this audio.
2. Get a pair of ear-buds, headphones, or high quality speakers that allow you to hear the full range of frequencies, and position them to the left and right of you to experience a stereo balance.
3. Play the audio and adjust the volume that is right for what you are doing or how you are relaxing.
4. Breathe in and out 6 times, and after each exhale count the number of the breath you have finished out loud or to yourself.
5. Say the affirmation “Earn More Money” 6 times, and after each time count the number of the affirmation you have finished out loud or to yourself.
6. Listen to at least 9-minutes, or the entire 33-minutes for the best results.
7. Repeat as often as you like.
8. In addition, it must be noted that these experiences may or may not happen immediately during your first attempt to Earn More Money. As with all DemiPhase audios, keep in mind the idea of incremental change. This is called SWITCH in HypnoAthletics – Sound Wave Incremental Thought Change Hypnosis. (sometimes the S is for Sine or Second).

So listen once or more every day using the Balance Protocol until you begin experiencing the results you desire. This audio can also simply be used to help you meditate, relax, sleep, or be used as the background for hypnosis and self hypnosis sessions.

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*** You will best experience the benefits of these audios by listening with stereo speakers placed to the left and right of your head, with surround sound, or stereo headphones. Even if you don’t have these options, the pure, naked tones, notes, vibrations and rhythms will provide a relaxing and meditative atmosphere for you to feel energized, calm and revitalized.

Each track is designed to be put on loop to extend the time as much as you like without disturbance, or combined with any of the other DemiPhase℠ tracks for a complete, healing, meditation adventure.

Frequencies (isochronic tones / notes)

Binaural Beats

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