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Content Authority Built On Waking From Destructive Hypnosis

On Waking From Destructive Hypnosis

Content Authority Built

I am better off than he is–for he knows nothing, and thinks that he knows.

I neither know nor think that I know.”

– Plato; The Apology of Socrates

(Exercising Your Mind) You may not want to admit this, but our mind-set and opinions are created, sustained, and changed by what is known by initiates as HYPNOSIS.

There is a destructive hypnosis, and a constructive hypnosis.

You can destroy or create.

What is it that you are doing?

If you have not taken the time to take account of this, then you can not really say “I am sure“.

But we are known by the results that we get.

So if our results are not those that we desire, we can call them destructive.

If our results are in alignment with that which we desire, we can call them constructive.

The biggest obstacle to waking from destructive hypnosis, is denying that hypnosis exists, or that you can be hypnotized.

Because once you adopt this belief and attitude, you cut yourself off from learning how to free yourself from mental slavery.

Content Authority Mathematics

The Creative Power within us makes us into the image of that to which we give our attention

– Wallace D. Wattles

A whole lot of people will see the word mathematics or math and shut down from learning, because they have been hypnotized to believe it is a subject only for genius.

Forgetting that there is genius within all of us, if we would just tap into, and release it.

In the same way, there is so much misinformation about hypnosis, much for the same reason.

The reason being to keep you in the dark about how the equations operate so that you leave the science of life to experts and authorities, thereby giving away your power.

The reason that you are told hypnosis is some man-made, psychological operation meant only to make slaves of the mind. This belief keeps you in the dark about your mind power.

And here we have the hypnotic equation of repetition and association.

How when you really care about people, and consistently create content to nurture inspiration, and motivate constructive action.

This is like adding a positive or plus one instead of the destructive negative one.

One plus one equals two and so on into eternity.

So that as you continue you uplift and inspire through creative content, you are adding to the love and beauty of our world.

Authentic authority is a being approaching the eternal.

So continue adding your reality of loving and building those positive additions with every piece of content.

Consistent Content Authority

One of the fastest ways that I have direct experience with building content authority is by being consistent.

This is the truth of being authentic.

I am not sure if in the ultimate reality (royalty) of things if what I am doing is the most right. But what I do know for sure is that I have made a decision to stand for something.

Something that I believe is right and correct.

And what I believe is right and correct is to engage only in transactions that benefits all whom it effects. Which I must admit is easier said than done.

But once I made the commitment to this after first learning the concept from Think and Grow Rich, many years ago; I remained consistent because of my faith in this concept.

And this is what I mean by a decision to stand for something.

Because what I have decided to stand for, behind all of the practices and professions I have presented as my calling, is to benefit all whom I effect.

And while that may seem vague and general, it is actually very specific.

It is specific because it is a very definite decision to only do things that are good for the self and others, regardless of what my particular business or recreation may be.

Because our mind-set and opinions are created, sustained, and changed by hypnosis, or what is repeated to our senses, and associated with authority is then impressed upon us.

This is basically our environment.

And because not everyone is raised in, or frequently immersed in an environment that is productive of positive mental attitude, we have to make this decision.

If we are taking action, but have not decided upon a major definite purpose or chief aim in life, then we are very vulnerable to being of the world that we are in.

And again, if the world or environment that we are in, is not one that promotes constructive thought and action, then we must decide that these good things will be our foundation.

Destructive or Constructive Hypnosis begins with something as simple as a decision!

On Waking

Once you have made the decision about what you are going to stand for, then you begin your waking or awakening. Anything else is sleepwalking and living by default.

Living by default is simply being of the world that you are in, whether that world be good or bad, destructive or constructive.

It is one thing to be of the world or environment that you are in if it is good and constructive; but what if it is destructive and bad?

Have you thought about that?

And there is all good and right if you are being influenced by a good and constructive environment, but wouldn’t you like to know that you can decide about your input?

Because it is alright to be guided and hypnotized by good and constructive things.

And one of the benefits of knowing that you can be, have been, and probably are being hypnotized; is that you have the ability, and can CHOOSE and DECIDE what hypnotizes you.

Content Authority

“For the most part, the energy of people around you will be weak and ill-defined.

What little power they have is often undermined by emotion.

In that pea soup of mumbling and grumbling, along comes the magician:

powerful, clear, and uncluttered by yearnings or fanciful ramblings of the imagination.

Stuart Wilde; The Trick to Money is Having Some, 1989 -p123

In order to have your own energy be powerful and well-defined, you must decide and choose what type of information you allow to influence you. Your content will automatically have more authority than that of people who simply attempt to rank their content with tricks.

Because when you are coming from a place of being uncluttered, powerful, and clear because of your definiteness of purpose, you are being authentic.

You are being real. And real rules.

So if you are a content creator and desire to have content authority, then make a decision about where you stand, and remain consistent.

This is the most true and real way to have content authority because it does not have to be forced. It is true content authority based on authenticity.

Authenticity is just sharing who you are.

Who you are will be consistently known to others, even when you do not know you are showing who you are. Some how it comes through and will always be found out.

So who are you?

Have you made that decision yet?

You Are The Secret.

I Believe In You

Believe In YourSelf.

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