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Negative Material Altitude And Positive Mental Attitude

Negative Material Altitude


Positive Mental Attitude

Fortunes gravitate to men (and women) whose minds have been prepared to attract them, just as surely as water gravitates to the ocean.” – Napoleon Hill; Think and Grow Rich

(Exercising Your Mind) A lot of the feedback that I get seems to suggest that many folks get the idea that I have no problems or struggles in life. Even though I openly share my anguish.

I have come to understand the reason for this, and it is something that I would like to make clear, because it will certainly benefit you in your personal and business life.

Master Of Marketing

But before I get to that, I would like to confess something that most people in business would not dare. Especially people who are in the business of marketing just as I am.

That is the first part to understand about the confession I am about to make. That I am proudly declaring that I am a marketer. I have chosen to be in the business of marketing.

Of course I love to compose and perform music, play capoeira, writing haiku, practicing hypnosis, metaphysical sciences, and several other activities and interests that I enjoy.

Overall though, I have determined that I can best serve these various personal interests of mine by becoming a master of marketing to help other people get what they want in their business lives.

The biggest roadblock that I have had to overcome however is that…

I am not a good marketer!

Yes. That is the confession that I have had to make. You may have already noticed that.

But as you continue to read all the way to the end, I will explain to you why this does not matter now for me, or for anyone who wants to be a master of marketing and still become wealthy now.

Negative Material Altitude

About these problems that many people seem to think I do not have.

…every failure brings with it the seed of an equivalent advantage.” – Napoleon Hill

Well, I feel them very deeply I assure you.

I cry more than you would probably think is healthy.

I have often thought about being relieved of living on several occasions.

I have slept in places that most people would not even imagine that one could sleep.

I have gone without things of which many folks believe they could not live without.

I have fallen far down from the paradise I often fantasize and dream about.

I have experienced a great deal of Negative Material Altitude.

Positive Mental Attitude

Through all of this, the primary reason that people believe that I have no problems or struggles is what you have really come here to understand.

This is the understanding that will greatly benefit you in your business and personal life, no matter what it is that you may do.

…every deeply seated desire has the effect of causing one to seek outward expression through which that desire may be transmuted into reality“- Napoleon Hill

Several times I have been told quite directly, and specifically, that I possess this outstanding quality. It has been described to me using the very specific wording that I have used here.

The two most recent times this happened I will describe briefly here.

The first time was when I got an e mail from the office of David Sharpe and David Wood saying that they would like to work directly with me.

This was part of their D2 Coaching program to help affiliates who are on their team to reach their goals. I was contacted by a coach named Kyle for a consultation.

Kyle listened very closely to me rant for an hour and then told me this was my defining character quality. He said it was a very favorable characteristic and would take me very far into success.

The next time I heard this was when I was on The Think and Grow Rich-MindSet Ministry MasterMind, hosted by Amber DeBevec in Key West, Florida.

It was during episode #4 of 17 that Amber told me that I possessed this defining feature. It is interesting that Kyle, Amber, and all the other people who have described this, used the same words, and in the same order and phrasing!

You may have already guessed correctly that this character quality is Positive Mental Attitude.

Changing Attitude Changes Altitude

“I believe that close association with one who refuses to compromise with circumstances he does not like is an asset that can never be measured in terms of money.

– Napoleon Hill

I confessed earlier that I am not a good marketer. But that is not entirely accurate. I may actually much better than a lot of people are, and certainly much better than I was last year.

But there is a very specific reason for this that I will continually impress upon anyone who is open to know and understand.

The first part of this is that I have come to learn and accept that I can let people who are great marketers do the marketing for me. I do this by applying their systems.

The second part is learning by observing the people who are great marketers and benefiting from them until I become a master of marketing myself.

What really matters is NOT what is happening to me or what I am experiencing. That is all my own doing. What really matters most is how I choose to respond to what is going on in my life.

Because of my outstanding Positive Mental Attitude and determination to succeed no matter what, I may always appear to have no problems or struggles because of how I respond to them.

I refuse to complain when I have the ability to uplift and inspire people. I wholeheartedly believe in my success and inevitable achievement of my desired success.

All that I want to do in this world is celebrate the success of other people, and give those who do not yet feel like they are successful, reasons to celebrate themselves and others.

And because of this, I will always persist towards the achievement of my goals of success, wealth, prosperity, and abundance; no matter what happens.

I will always uplift and support anyone who is open to to find better ways to succeed, by sharing the successful systems shared with me from my teachers, coaches, and mentors.

You Are The Secret.

I Believe In You

Believe In YourSelf.

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