Self-Care is a Health ‘Must,’ not a ‘Maybe’

Self-Care is a Health ‘Must,’ not a ‘Maybe’ By Monica Smith Making time for self-care is important for one’s mental health. It means doing simple things that give you joy and that make life worth living. It’s also about simple actions … Continue reading

Do You Drool When They Ring The Dinner Bell?

(Hakeem Alexander) (Exercising Your Mind) Most of our long held, beliefs, emotions, traditions and cultures, are actually very cleverly disguised, mass-indoctrination tools used to create a predictable, and alterable behavior system. READ The Original “Ring The Dinner Bell – … Continue reading

Your Soul is a Light. What Are You Projecting OnTo The World With Such Power?

(Exercising Your Mind) You know how film projectors work, right? There is a film, called celluloid, that is like a plastic with images printed on the slides, or frames. These slides are on a roll that is connected to a … Continue reading

The Best Fitness Program In Southern California 01

Call Hakeem Alexander 818.430-5441 (Exercising Your Mind) I know you really want to learn exactly how the world’s greatest “secrets” about fitness and exercise can help you to experience the most transformational advances of your life. YES! I am speaking … Continue reading

Secrets Of The Instant Hypnotist

Instant Hypnotist Secrets (Exercising Your Mind) If you have not already been initiated into the Ghandi concept that teaches us to be the change, get into it now. The idea is for you to be the change that you want … Continue reading

The Instant Hypnotist Library

The Instant Hypnotist Library “Dedicate yourself to a new level of learning” – Jim Rohn (Exercising Your Mind) The most Hypnotic Being that you can become will be found within the pages of this library of Covert Hypnosis. Just click on … Continue reading

Magnetizing Excellence: Manifestation Through Expectation

Your life can be one that appears like the most beautiful dream when you understand Manifestation Through Expectation.

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The Hard Way Is The Easy Way: Persistence And Personal Development

All the crap about fake it till you make it is false. Just be right now the truth that you are. You will then be doing the things that result from the thoughts of your being. And you will have all the awesome things that come from the greatness that you do.

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Therapeutic Systems

the finishing touches on a few new Hypnotherapy based programs to help my clients with. I love acronyms as you will see.

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