Hypoglycemia: The High Cost Of Low Blood Sugar

(Exercising Your Mind) Hakeem Alexander | Hakeem@HypnoAthletics.com The symptoms of hypoglycemia are caused by the sustained stress it produces, causing food and chemical allergies, asthma, chronic yeast infections, confusion, chronic fatigue, weakness, visual disturbances, headaches, mood swings, anxiety and other emotional … Continue reading

Exercising More Than Your Mind – Audio BlogCast

(Exercising Your Mind) Hakeem@HypnoAthletics.com The most powerful of these tools is our imagination which we master through practice. In our “mind’s eye’ the farthest “corners” may be reached and the tiniest of worlds explored. The greatest technology is our own … Continue reading

The Highest Paid PodCast

(Exercising Your Mind) The Highest Paid PodCast What is the highest paid skill on the planet, according to Dan Kennedy? What about the highest paid trait according to Frank Bettger? It is interesting to note that the highest paid trait … Continue reading

Secrets Of Power, Money, And Fame

(Exercising Your Mind) How do you calculate Power, Money, And Fame for yourself using your birthday? Is it possible that you can learn how to do this for yourself to take advantage of specific states of consciousness in order to … Continue reading

Full Moon Power, Money, And Fame

(Exercising Your Mind) In the study of Divine Metaphysics, New Thought, or what may also be called Scientific Spirituality; a successful result from creative thought and prayer is called a “Demonstration“. Using Numerology I have achieved repeated, successful “Demonstrations” in … Continue reading

Metaphysical Power, Money, And Fame

(Exercising Your Mind) What if you were completely aware of the fact that your true nature is Spiritual and Perfect? With this realization, would you be able to instantly heal broken bones, repair severed arteries, and save drowning children; simply … Continue reading

The Power, Money, And Fame Of Metaphysics

(Exercising Your Mind) What if you could actually understand that there is really a fundamental, Metaphysical Truth underlying all spiritual, creative, religious, and philosophical theories? Is it possible that such a Universal Law of all existence can be intelligently directed … Continue reading

Successful Action With Numerology

(Exercising Your Mind) The Science of Getting Rich is using The Science of Mind to Think and Grow Rich. “…the type of thought which we allow to become habitual will sooner or later find expression on the plane of action.” … Continue reading

Wealth, Wisdom, and Walking on Water

(Exercising Your Mind) What does The X-Men‘s 1st Mutant, “Apocalypse” have to do with psychic, lucid-dreams? What is the connection that we have which links our psychology with our physical perceptions to create an extra-sensory, metaphysical experience? Get ready for … Continue reading

Money, Magic, MetaPhysics, and Music!

(Exercising Your Mind) Did you know that you could use Numerology to figure out the best time to attract more money into your life? Using Hypnosis you can “will-away” warts in a very unusual way. In 2007, MySpace was used … Continue reading