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Wake Up Now 1

1 Wake Up Now

(Exercising Your Mind) One of the things about your dreams is that you do not always remember them.

I mean this literally, and figuratively as an example or metaphor.

Because we all do dream, it is just that we often forget what we were just dreaming about when we wake up.

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Even though we may forget consciously, this does not change the fact that we were in a dreamy place that allowed information to pour into our subconscious mind without the usual critical filters.

In this state we are accepting, and acting out behaviors driven by the beliefs this information has created.

Because in dreamland we have a very open mind.

And this is not good or bad unless we make it so.

Having an open mind is bad when we are open to information that moves us away from what we want out of life.

Having an open mind is good when we are open to information that moves us towards what we want out of life.

A whole lot of this comes from what we are willing to put into, and give to life.

So that if our vision is big enough to motivate us to do the things we need to do so that we have the life of our good dreams, we are well on our way.

Because this is the more desired use of that dream-like state.

A state that we may even call lucid dreaming.

A state of mind that is actually the very powerful hypnotic state.

And being lucid means being mindful and aware.

In the lucid state we are in a highly focused state with the benefit of the guiding light of the conscious mind, and will-power.

Even though it is the subconscious mind that has the power to actually drive the behavior to create, it is the conscious mind that delivers the instructions to tell the subconscious what to do.

Using hypnosis you can create quantum leaps in your beliefs and behavior.

Actually jumping from unconscious incompetence into unconscious competence.

Use hypnosis to do this much quicker than going through the stages of conscious incompetence and conscious competence.

Accessing the subconscious mind with hypnosis you are able to switch from a default setting of failure to a default setting of success.

Of course you can practice using will-power and work yourself up into the state of dominant thought with white hot desire.

But you can bypass and reinforce all of that effort by unlocking your inner power with hypnosis.

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