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To Accelerate Your Success Is My Dominant Thought [PART-3]

My Dominant Thought Is

To Accelerate Your Success


“Unsuccessful people make their decisions based on their circumstances;

successful people make their decisions based on their goals.”

– Keala Kanae

(Exercising Your Mind) You can become successful right now. I do mean immediately when I share this, because through practice, I have this experience in my personal reality.


And this is because I have decided what success is for myself to realize in my life.

What decisions about having the success of your own creation have you made?

Or are you willing to allow your circumstances to decide for you?

Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal

Earl Nightingale

What Earl Nightingale meant, was that if you have clearly decided to do something, and you are really and truly taking the steps to realize the outcome of that decision, you are successful.

A very specific way to progressively realize your predetermined goal, is to claim it as your dominant thought, by making decisions based on your goals to succeed.

In the book by Dan Kennedy called The No B.S Wealth Attraction for Entrepreneurs, I was reminded of a specific tactic taught by Earl Nightingale…

The lesson was that we can become masters and experts in any subject that we decide to be, by studying that subject one-hour, every day, for one year.

Perfection will come through practice.

It cannot come by merely reading instructions.”

– Napoleon Hill”

Just get the money thing figured out, and then you get to spend your life in service, and being of value to other people.”

Tony Rush

One of the biggest obstacles to any type of success, is the stupid idea that somehow money is bad or evil. money does not have a soul.

People act bad and evil.Money does what you tell it to do when you realize that you have all of the power, and not money.

Money is just the way that you can measure certain parts of your value and worth in the world And the best way that you can be of service in this world is to be successful and wealth

If you don’t believe that, just stay poor, and tell me how much you have done for the world in a few years.

I would really like to know how being poor in a material world makes it better.Assuming you can get in touch with me as I jet around the world making it more awesome.

We can tell ourselves whatever we want to about happiness, health, and wealth. We will believe it, and create it in our minds and /or the world around us.

So it is very important to chose what you make as your dominant thought.

Obviously everything is not candy canes and chocolate Easter Bunnies.

The more you sugar coat the troubles of the world, the sooner you will die from diabetes.

To accelerate your success, you have to admit that there are problems to be solved, decide to solve them, and then get busy actively working on making the solutions a reality

It is a well known fact that one comes, finally, to believe whatever one repeats to one’s self, whether the statement be true or false.”
– Napoleon Hill

You Are The Secret.

I Believe In You

Believe In YourSelf.

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