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HALO-DELTA – HypnoAthletics Lucid Oneironautics Divsion: Moon Mission

Moon Mission


HypnoAthletics Lucid Oneironautics Divsion

[This is an account of a Lucid-Dreaming and Astral Projection Experience]

This is intentionally not very detailed because the devil in those details is very overwhelming and I just want to get this out of my head for now. Maybe to expand on later.

Not too long ago, I was privileged to have an opportunity that not many people will ever get the chance to experience in their whole life.

I went on a brief expedition to the Moon of Earth, collected some rocks and dust, then returned to the Earth with my sample in only a few hours time.

I was not dreaming or on hallucinagenic drugs. I was not daydreaming or in a deep state of meditation. What I experienced was completely real and repeatable.

I am an Oneironaut. But more than that, I am quite skilled at oneironautics in combination with Astral-Projection.

The way that I went about this process was almost like Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing. I consider lucid dreaming to be much different from passive dreaming.

It is a very powerful and liberating process.

The way that I went about accomplishing my Mission to the Moon was quite simple.

I collected some basic astrophysics data by reading and watching programs that were created for the purpose of teaching space exploration.

Then I wrote about what I learned and prepared myself through persistent ideation of interplanetary space travel.

JARVIS Saves The Day

The first time I attempted my journey, I was in the backyard of my house with some friends. There was a Stark Enterprises IronMan suit erected in the sunlit yard.

It was a beautiful image to see and I was very excited to test it out for a trip to the Moon. To the astonishment of my friends, I entered the suit and launched straight up.

In just a few seconds I was in the black of space outside of the Earths atmosphere and away from most of the gravitation of the planet.

But suddenly I could not breathe easily and began to panic just a bit. I was in space with a malfunctioning suit and had flown so far I could not see anything.

I saw many far distant stars, but not even our own Sun. In my excitement I just launched into space without any clear coordinated for the moon.

I was in deep space and in deep sh!t. The power was failing and I was losing consciousness from a lack of air.

It was cold and black and I had no reference points to know where to go. I was concerned that I would soon be dead, leaving my lifeless body on Earth.

The I remembered “JARVIS”. The on-board guidance system of the IronMan suit that is of the finest artificial intelligence.

So I commanded JARVIS to get me back to Earth, which was quickly done with a very painful crash landing in my backyard.

The suit was badly damaged and pieces of it were strewn all over my backyard. It was still bright and sunny daylight. The pieces reflected gold and red beautifully.

But most importantly, I could breathe again and was back to my body. Although I was disappointed, I did some more research to find out what went wrong.

It turns out that because I had done so much research into astrophysics, my mind knew that I should have made a correction in my trajectory (flight path).

What I had failed to do was take into account the rotation of the Earth. Since I did not correct for this, a straight line shot was a mistake.

The Black Moon Car

The second trip was the one that was successful. Thus time I was with a few more friends taking a walk down a street in Belgium.

Parked by the curb as any car would be was a small black hatchback. This vehicle had been engineered for a successful mission into space.

We boarded the car as you would do with any automobile. We opened the doors, got in and sat in the seats, closed the doors and buckled up.

The beginning of the journey was somewhat uneventful also as we drove down a small street that was barely traveled by foot or car.

But then things quickly changed. I pushed down the accelerator and sped up the car. With the flip of a switch, the electrogravitic system activated and we were airborne.

Within a few second we exited the Earths atmosphere and began painting on our symbiotic extra-vehicular protective layers.

Making a safe and smooth landing on the surface of the Moon was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever been a part of.

Surely flying an IronMan suit into space and almost dying because of poor planning ranks up there, but this was even better.

Everything was cool and felt like a dry, nighttime desert breeze even though there was no wind. It just felt like it because of the cold.

The dust on the surface was so fine and slipped between our thinly layered, second skin, symbiotic gear like cool silk.

Everything had a dark grey and bluish tint to it. All around us seemed like perfect black, except for the Sun’s eerie yellow and the extra blue Earth marble.

There was an incident which I will not communicate but leave to be a mystery by mentioning it and giving absolutely no details.

Very soon after, we re-entered the space car and hovered off the surface of the Moon and made a very quick trip back to Earth within a few minutes.

All of our collected materials and protective gear was stored away in a secure location for the purpose of making more trips. There have been a few others since and more to come.

These will be logged.

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  1. I commend you on this offering! What an extraordinary recount of your experience…you left me wanting to know more! Will you tell me more, one day please? I went to the moon once and argued with God about life! Such impudence! And is it not an omen that one of the captcha words of this comment is “mahatmas” !!!!!

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