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(Exercising Your Mind) Hypnosis is a very strange word to label something that is not sleep.

Because the word hypnosis comes from the Greek God of Sleep named Hypnos.

So that maybe when those folks who decided to give a name to this art and science that changes behavior through the influence or creation of belief systems, they called it sleep because eyes were closed, and deep relaxation usually followed.

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But perhaps they were even more clever than that, and realized that anytime a person or people accept things without question in a passive state; they are in fact in a sort of sleep.

Because when we are dreaming, we usually go along with the most incredible experiences, no matter how far out of what we think of as reality it may seem.

That is what we do in dreams for the most part, unless we are lucid dreamers.

And to dream, we must usually be in the state of sleep.

But what is a dream really?

And why would we want to wake up now from dreaming?

Every once in a while, or more often than we would like, we call a dream a nightmare.

In our waking “reality”, a nightmare could be the state where we are in the stage of unconscious incompetence, where we are accepting and acting on ideas that are creating a life that is painful for us – a nightmare.

And if this is the type of dream we are having, then of course we may want to wake up now from such a nightmare.

But what if we could use this very same highly suggestible, dream-like state, to create the life of our dreams?

The really good dreams that people would say is too good to be true.

Then this would be a state of lucid dreaming.

A state where we have altered our filters so that we only accept those things that create the greatest successes for us without question; instead of accepting those things that create nightmares in life.

This would be the more desired state of unconscious competence.

Here we have another example that demonstrates the fact that we can all be hypnotized, and we are all being hypnotized.

Just like we can all dream, and that we all do dream.

But the way that we become empowered to make the changes or improvements in our lives that we want does not lie in the fact that we can dream or can be hypnotized, and that we are dreaming and being hypnotized.

The point of power comes in when we become lucid.

This is what it means to Wake Up Now.

When we become aware of what is going into our minds, and how this is happening without us questioning this information.

As we are aware, we can then change the way we filter this information, so that the parts of our lives that once felt like a nightmare experience, now become the life of our greatest dreams.

There is a hypnotic state of mind that resembles sleeping and dreaming.

It is in this state of mind that we can program what types of things we do without question as our default setting.

When we wake up, what we are doing is being responsible for creating the state of mind that that runs unconscious behavior programs that are no longer bad for us, but instead are the best behaviors for us that we could ever possibly desire.

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