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Learning Mandarin Chinese: OnLine Self Study Resources

Zhuji, Zhejiang photo by Hakeem Alexander 3.28.2016

(Exercising Your Mind)  You might want to learn Mandarin in the most effective and efficient way possible, so that you can start putting it to use right away.

I have found a few online resources that are great all by themselves. But like me, you may be interested in not just learning to speak Mandarin, but also learn to read Mandarin.

And as a bonus, you will also learn how to write the Mandarin characters that make up the language as well, while becoming familiar with the song-like tones you need to pronounce correctly.

I find this very exciting, since I will be living here for a year or more. It may or may not matter to you, but the resources I am sharing here are very affordable because they are all FREE.

Interactive Video Learning

My favorite so far has to be “Growing Up With Chinese“. This program is taught by Charlotte MacInnis, who lived in China for many years from the time she was 10 years old.

She anchors an outstanding presentation of Mandarin language teaching, as she navigates us through videos of native speakers that were specially scripted for the program.

You’ll love this series of 100 videos, originally made for teenagers, but definitely a great start for anyone who wants to get a quick start in learning Mandarin.

Follow this link to start now —>

Or on YouTube —>

Interactive Audio and Text Lessons

Learning to read and write in Chinese Mandarin might seem to be an enormous challenge. But I believe if you have the right combination of tools, you will be on your way very happily and quickly.

I found this next site I am sharing with you before I found Growing Up With Chinese. It combines listening to Mandarin with an immediate follow up into showing us how to write and read the characters that we are learning how to speak.

And on top of this great reinforcement, there is a tool at the end of each lesson that flashes the characters on the screen at varying speeds that you set yourself, so that you can begin memorizing them right away.

This is found on section called “Learn Chinese“. Each lesson has 3 parts. The main text lesson, the audio files, and then the memorization tool.

Follow this link to start now —–>

Counting to Ten and Beyond

Because of being totally confused whenever I was buying something that is not digitally displayed, or if I do not have a Mandarin speaking chaperone, I decided that one of the 1st things I needed to understand was the understanding of numbers.

I had to know how they sounded, and how to understand numbers up to the hundreds, because this has been my experience so far.

The 1st is a video on featuring Christina Chang from, presenting a very short, 1-minute and 4-second video in which she masterfully counts from one to ten in Mandarin, while holding a list of the characters for each numeral and telling us which tones correspond with them.

The page that hosts the video also features many other resources to boost your Mandarin by numbers experience. You get to start with zero as an added bonus.

Count to ten in Mandarin now —–>

The last one I have included here is a supplement to the counting. I know from experience as a Clinical Hypnotist and Instructor, that repetition offered in a variety of ways delivers the most effective impact in learning.

It includes text and images only, but features a chart that shows us the shorthand for how we are to apply the four tones of the Mandarin Chinese language.

This Wiki How article also includes some tips on how to count past ten, a pronunciation chart, and the Mandarin characters written by hand.

Read the numbers by clicking here now —>

Putting It All Together

If you are anything like me, I require variety to keep my learning missions interesting. Also, I am not always in the same mood everyday because of the various activities I get into.

Some days I am more tired than others or just don’t have as much time. So the four different resources offered here are much like the four tones in the Mandarin language.

You can choose how involved you want to be any given time that you have to dedicate to learning. Most of us will require a good deal of repetition to become expert at learning this language, so we have the option to skip around if we wish.

Or, we can use the other resources as references to back-up something we are learning in whatever lesson we have chosen.

For example, you will get a lot of repetition of the basics like “Pinyin: and tones because they are referred to in each resource. There is a lot of overlap that you will find useful.

So get started now and maybe soon we can practice together in Mandarin. Until next time, 再见!zàijiàn!


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