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A Prescription is a Subscription

(Exercising Your Mind) Just know what it is that you are getting into when you decide to fully trust being prescribed a medication.

A Prescription is a Subscription.

I know from building a business that one of the most effective and efficient ways to bring in a consistent stream of income is by offering a subscription service to your customers, buyers, followers, consumers and tribe.

I can not tell you for certain that there are no humans in the world that need prescription medicine; but I do know with certainty that there are too many people on recurring subscriptions of prescriptions that do not need to be on a prolonged dose schedule.

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It is just a very successful business model, and if we as a whole human society are not careful, we will be victims rather than beneficiaries of really great marketing and often times brain-soiling from pharmaceutical companies who are businesses.

The bottom line is the bottom line.

For basic accounting purposes, If I know that I need to bring in ten-thousand dollars per month, and I have a drug that costs $100 per month for someone to maintain their subscription; then it is simple math to get 100 people or more on this program to meet my company’s financial needs.

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Wouldn’t you rather be Heavily Meditated than heavily medicated?

And that is the bottom line. I am sure there are some people in the pharma biz that truly want to save lives and make the quality of life for those with illnesses better; but from 1st hand experience and research I have come to understand that a lot of what is happening with prescription medicine is mainly to meet revenue needs.

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It is a brilliant business model. Unfortunately, instead of applying it to something like a subscription to Healthy-Living and Self-Defense classes or periodicals, many of the world’s most cash rich business are hiring the world’s top scientists to create mostly poisonous chemicals that seem to serve more of a global population experiment than actual health care.

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