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The Roots of Self-Hypnosis for Personal Development

(Exercising Your Mind) I have been struggling with addictions of all sorts for many years. I am not alone in this battle. Self medication to dull and forget the pains.


Searching for a way to be free, I have educated myself in the fundamentals of motivation and self improvement for many years.

What I have learned has been of great help.

So useful has this learning been, that I have been a successful, professional counselor for a great many people.

Because I have had many more wins than losses, I have been able to guide others that I work with through the same victories.

But I have often felt like a hypocrite. Especially when I have chosen the more unhealthy options to deal with my personal demons.

There are much healthier paths to healing than some of the roads I have traveled.


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But one of the roots of self hypnosis for personal development is persistence. I knew this even before I attended and graduated from America’s 1st College of Hypnosis.

It was something very intuitive that was given a vocabulary by my instructors at The Hypnosis Motivation Institute in Tarzana, California.

It is the vocabulary of winning and success.

And this is one of the main points of self hypnosis. It is basically self talk.

But the kind or nature of the self talk is very important.

Because we can talk ourselves into being trapped in a world of pain and addiction, or we can talk ourselves up to be the best version of ourselves.

But this constructive or good self talk has to be persistent. It as to be much more persistent than we think we may have the energy for.

We have to talk to ourselves more consistently and persistently in a way that is uplifting than we do in any way that might bring us down.

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In the next installment, I will follow up on this anecdote with some very powerful techniques that you can use to persist in developing into the best version of yourself.

Some of these strategies and tactics are so simple they may surprise you.

Just know for now that the roots of self hypnosis are planted through persistence. It all depends on what you insist on thinking about.

Is it bringing you down? Or is it lifting you up?

Did this blog inspire, inform, or educate you in some useful or positive way? Yes!

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