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New Moon, Numerology, New Week, MoonDay Monday

(Exercising Your Mind) I am going to use this opportunity to do two Numeroscopes; one for my birth-date, and another for someone who has a birthday on this date April 28th.

It is interesting once again that there are all these wonderful opportunities for me to have a new start when looked at from a Numerology perspective.

For you, this means that you can also learn how to change your perspective, and give your mind a reason to clear out the clutter and start brand new once again.

I am not sure where I got the reference, but I do know that I read, heard, or saw Dr. Andrew Weil talking about telepathy.

It was probably in his book, The Natural Mind.

He taught us that when you acknowledge an experience as telepathic, then you will begin to notice many more experiences just like them, and they will appear more often.

This is as simple as labeling an experience as telepathic when it feels like one.

For example, when you are thinking of a friend calling you, and then they do, you can just call it telepathic to condition yourself to receive more telepathic experiences.

And this is the same when you decide right now to acknowledge any Metaphysical, mystical or other magical experiences that you feel.

My personal example of this is that today is Monday.

And Monday is the first day of the work week.

And Monday literally means Moon Day, or the day of the Moon.

And this evening is a New Moon.

And on top of that, it is a Numeral 1-day for me, which is a new cycle beginning.

I personally see magic in all of this.

Because I choose to, then it does have magic, or significance.

Significant things are magical.

The way that I know that today is a Numeral 1-day for me is calculated as follows:

My birthday is September 17th. And my last birthday was in 2013.

When calculating your personal year, personal month, and personal day in Numerology, we always use the last birthday that we had.

We do this even if it was in the last year.

We only use the current year if our last birthday was in the current year.

I will demonstrate this for the people who have an April 28th 2014 birthday today.

Happy Birthday!

September is the 9th month, so we start with the numeral 9.

I was born on the 17th day, so this is the second numeral we add.

Finally, 2013 was my last birthday, so this is the last numeral to add for my personal year.

We make these calculations using the commutative law of addition.

That is just math talk for add all the numbers in any order.

The numerology part takes over by collapsing them all until you have one numeral left.

So 9 + 17 = 26

Then 2 + 6 = 8

Follow this by adding the numerals in 2013

2 + 0 + 1 + 3 = 6

Next, add 8 + 6 = 14

Finally, 1 + 4 = 5

So my personal year is a 5.

To find my personal month, I just add the 4 for April and get 5 + 4 =9

Then to get my personal day, I add 9 + 28 to get 37, and then 3 + 7 = 10.

At last we have 1 + 0 = 1.

So this is how I arrived at numeral 1-day for me, which I consider magical because of the 1 meaning a new beginning, Monday a new week, the New Moon and so on.

Synchronicity and the law of averages, it is bound to happen every so often.

Now let me calculate for all of those April 28th birthdays.

April is the 4th month.

Today is the 28th

And we are in 2014 as this birthday is happening.

So 4 + 28 = 32 and 3 + 2 = 5

So this is also a personal a 5-year beginning for these people’s birthday.

I did not know this until I just did the math right ow as I am writing this!!We just experienced some amazing and transformational magic together!!!

Next we add 4 again because we are in April and get 5 + 4 = 9

Then add the 28 for the day to get 9 + 28 = 37 and of course 3 + 7 = 10.

Finally, 1 + 0 = 1!

So it is also a new beginning for all of these April 28th birthday people.

And this is the magic I am talking about.

I just saw that it was a New Moon tonight from my Moon Phase Pro Application, and decided to stay consistent, and also start something new that I have been planning.

This was to do a Numeroscope for whatever day the Full Moon, First Quarter, Last Quarter, and New Moon fell on for whatever birthday that was as well as my own.

I hope you can now realize just how amazing this experience is that just happened.

I am in awe right now.

This is truly New Moon, Numerology, New Week, MoonDay Monday!

And some very powerful magic happening in my life.

And I will be helping you create this same magic in yours.

Because I truly know what the secret is…

You Are The Secret.

I Believe In You

Believe In YourSelf.

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