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What Are Excuses?

(Exercising Your Mind) Does it frustrate you that you are only living up to a small fraction of your real potential?

Does it frustrate you that I would dare to ask such a question?

How would you feel if there was no one in the world who cared enough to be so bold?

Would you rather someone just allow you to settle into something less than you could really be?

Or does it bother you more to  be called out to be your best?

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Sometimes this is all it takes to wake someone up from the death sleep.

Even if just to prove the person wrong who called them out.

No one really wants to be a failure.

But a lot of us would just settle if we were not put in check by someone on the outside.

It is actually quite a powerful hypnotic tool for a quick boost of motivation to get someone going who has been stuck for a while.

I know that it has worked for me, so it should at least work for a good percentage of others.

Just think about how much more painful it is to look back on certain parts of your life and feel the regret of not taking advantage of the opportunities presented to you.

This surely hurts a lot more than getting up off your butt and going for it!

  • An excuse is simply a symptom of the post-hypnotic suggestion that you do not believe you can do what you  are making excuses for not doing.
  • Taking action is a sign of the post-hypnotic suggestion that you do believe that you can do what you are taking the action to get done.

Hypnosis comes in many forms.

And I have used the Law of Repetition to suggest that what really matters is what you allow yourself to be influenced, persuaded, and hypnotized by.

Too many people get caught up thinking that they can’t be hypnotized,and because of this, they do not have the tools they need to get out of the troubles they are in.

Take a moment to think about something that you know you should’ve done, and would’ve succeeded, except you didn’t; because you let fear get in your way.

How many times have you allowed this to happen?

And will you be as happy and loving as you can be if this continues?

Now imagine that you are stepping into a better reality for yourself.

Feel what it is like to act immediately on the things that will help bring you closer to the things that you want out of life; the things you truly deserve.

Knowing that each successful step that you take, brings you closer and closer to your goals.

You feel powerful. Unstoppable. Alive.

And the one difference that you have made is by changing your subconscious, dominant thoughts from accepting excuses, to allowing action to be taken.

It does not matter if every step along the way does not work out exactly as planned.

But it sure does feel a whole lot more fantastic than watching the world go by.

Each excuse is a failure.

But you are making them less and less.

Because you are thrilled by the fact that every action is a victory!

And it feels so awesome to be victorious.

So that when you make it to one goal, you know it is just another step towards a greater intention.

You know that life is an adventure that can only be experienced to the fullest when you come alive into it with bold, and confident action!

You think to yourself, “How did I let all of this amazing stuff get by me before?”

But then you drop that thought because ain’t nobody got time for that; especially you.

Because you are in action and are focused on the mouthwatering possibilities that lie ahead.

Could this really be happening to you?

Don’t be surprised if it is!

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