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Clear Intentions And Royal World Manifestation

Royal World Manifestation

And Clear Intentions

The real world isn’t a place, it’s an excuse.

It’s a justification for not trying.

It has nothing to do with you.”


(Exercising Your Mind) The more clear my intentions are becoming, the more rapid are the appearances, experiences, and manifestations of my desires in the world around me.

I never used to consider the world outside of my mind more real than the world inside of my mind.

They are both just as real to me.

But many of you may consider that the material world is the more real world without actually knowing the true meaning of the word real.

It is simply a kingdom that we have the opportunity to RULE. It is ROYAL.

The real world is the royal world if we make it that way.


You know that we are living in a material world, and I am a material girl.

Madonna; Material Girl

The only time that the real world has anything to do with me, and why it is just as real as the world of my imagination, is when it is of my creation and manifestation.

Otherwise it is just an excuse.

Because when I am feeling weak or like giving up, it is because I have become of the world that I am in when I do not have to be of this world.

Neither do you.

We do not have to be of a world that believes in lack and limitation.

We do not have to be of a world that encourages not trying or attempting the best.

We are in this world to rule it and be royal so that we decide what is real.

And the truest and most powerful path to creating and manifesting a world of our own choosing is by becoming clear about our intentions.

If we really desire something but have foggy intentions to make it happen, then the appearance, and experience of manifestation comes slow if it comes at all.

But when we are totally clear about our intention to realize the life we desire, the appearance and experience of manifestation comes much more quickly.

Practice Clarifying Intentions

Today, as I was completing my latest video called Wealth Attraction Affirmation: The Clear Intention Of Being Rich In Character, I got a call from my friend Kenny.

Kenny had decided that he wanted to work with me as I am.

Because this is exactly as I intend it to be.

I do not know who will work with me or when they will decide to.

But I do  know that others will decide to work with me as I am very soon from now on because I have become clear about my intentions.

And my intentions are becoming even more clear still as I evolve my character to be an even more rich being as the best version of myself.

Because he watched one of my videos and realized the truth of my dedication.

There is a very hypnotic power of a clear intention.

That when you are clear about who and what you are, those who experience you, and know what they want from their lives will decide to align with you.

Since you have decided to clarify your intentions, you can practice by watching this VIDEO to help you create an outline for your own.

This information was inspired by two amazing life transformation experts and freedom artists who also happen to be million dollar earners.

As I was listening to an Inner Circle Audio called Universal Mind Expansion with Justin Verrengia and Aaron Rashkin, I found another piece of information to complete my intention, and share with you in this video.

So watch the video right now, practice clarifying your intention, and I invite you to decide right now, just like Kenny did, to join my team, and Empower your life.

Wealth Attraction Affirmation: The Clear Intention Of Being Rich In Character

I Believe In You

Believe In YourSelf

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