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Emergence Of The Freedom Artist In The Land Of The Brave

In The Land Of The Brave

Emergence Of The Freedom Artist

(Exercising Your Mind) The opposite of courage is not cowardice, it is conformity.

People acting like everyone else, without knowing why they are going or where they are going.

Folks are just doing stuff because everybody else is doing it.

I heard, learned, and understood those words and the concepts they represent when I listened to an audio from Earl Nightingale, called The Strangest Secret, which he recorded in 1956.

It is something that resonates with me deeply.

It is a constant theme playing in the background of my life. It is my subconscious world that drives my beliefs and ultimately my behaviors.

It is the reason I am free.

It is the Corrosion of Conformity that ever lingers within who I am.

STOP The NonSense!

healthy summer body

The other day I posted a blog about getting Healthy and Fit for the Summer. It was the beginning of a brand new part of a very successful chapter in my business, professional and even my personal life.

I have been learning how to do a whole lot more with less. To serve a far greater quantity of people, while at the same time being able to deliver significantly higher quality and value.

I will get to that part in just a bit, as I am sure I will tie it in just fine to this free-form I am writing out now, as we read this history in the making together.

After I posted a link to the post about being healthy and fit, I was contacted by the people who this message resonated with.

I suggested that they read through the post, and visit all of the links they could that I provided with it, think of what they personally required to create change for in their life, and then get back to me if they decided to proceed.

I will focus on one response in particular; because just the correspondence alone is enough to create a breakthrough, and internal transformation in any reader.

This is because it speaks to many parts of the mind at once. It is something you will understand, feel and know all at the same time without really knowing why, but enjoying the progress.

I will call this person Geo.

Geo: “So when you say ‘tell me what you want’. Would that be everything or just health related goals? I read the majority of the links. Still working but definitely very much on the same page with what I believe. Still researching to see how much deprogramming I need if that makes sense.”

Hakeem: Whatever you need. I have a lot of professional training and intuition.

A few days later…

Geo: Hi Hakeem. So I was thinking about what I want, and what I want is more time. Time to workout, time to spend with my son, time to get myself in better shape, time to do a better job at work, time to go to school.

Time to work on my plan to change the world.

Hakeem: I know how to make all of these things happen. Call me sometime today [818-430-5441] when you are available, and I will explain how.

Geo: So you are the world’s best kept secret!

Hakeem: I just know a lot of Freedom Artists who are showing me the way.

Not only are my friends rich and wealthy; but they have a lot of free time to do as they wish.

Geo: Well yeah, if you have financial freedom then your time is freed up and you’re able to do what you want to do.

I’ve been to many workshops, I’ve listened to many motivational speakers.

The bottom line is that one has to create financial freedom and its a mindset.

The How Factor

Geo is correct that a big part of creating financial freedom is a mindset. But the mind alone may not be all there is. We need to perform consistent action toward the attainment of our goals.

And if financial freedom is what we seek, as well as time freedom, the HOW we become financially free matters just as much as the amount of money we attract and even more so.

Because there are a lot of people who are selling a dream while living a nightmare.

Having a lot of money does not mean much when you are not healthy and you do not have the time to spend in relaxation or with friends and family doing the things you love because all of your time and energy is spent toiling away like a lave to earn the money.

There is a way to leverage your resources to do more with less. And I did mention earlier in this web log that I was going to get to that and so now we come to know this fabulous system!

Billion-Dollar Master-Mind

To create more time freedom, we must develop the skills to make more efficient use of our resources. We must leverage our time and resources to get more done with less struggle.

Not that we do less work. No. Actually more work gets done. READ – less struggle!

I define struggle here as:
time, energy, effort and resources spent and used, while very little desired results are achieved, resulting in self-defeating frustration due to disappointment and overwhelm.”

So the goal of time freedom and financial freedom would be achieved by obtaining our desired results with the same or less resources than we usually use.

Specifically our time. Getting more done in a lot less time is the actual goal. So that we can use that time to do other things with our precious lives.

This is living the dream.

The First Degree or Level-One

Those of you who currently have a FREE subscription to my blog here on HypnoAthletics have already been part of this process. Some of you since 2006!

This is the 1st-Degreee or Level-1 of my membership site that currently has Three-Levels.

The 1st Level is absolutely FREE.

This is where I have been, for more than Seven-years,(almost 8 now) providing REAL content :

Personal Development, List Building, Healthy Living, Video Marketing, Motivation, Self-Defense, MetaPhysics, Hypnosis, Nutrition, Conspiracy Theories and lots more to help YOU NO MATTER WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN ENDEAVORING THROUGH OR BUILDING IN YOUR LIFE!

Of course I have a Second-Level and a Third Level.

But with the 1st-Level alone, I have been able to leverage my resources to get a lot more done with less. Attracting lots of readers to my site on a daily basis by leading with value.

Before I took a 3-month vacation around the United States, I was blogging on a daily basis. When I was doing this, my site HypnoAthletics was in the top 400,00 most visited websites in the world and within the top 90,000 in the United States!

I stopped for a bit and the rank fell to the top 2-million but now is well on its way back to the top!

That is reaching and providing a lot of content and value to a lot of people.

This is leverage, and one of the many ways I have been learning from my friends and mentors to create REAL freedom.

To apply the concepts and actions of Life-Style Design to build my dream life.

And I have just begun the pre-launch of a bonus incentive for readers who are signed up here as subscribers to my free list.

I am offering Lunar-NumeroScopes to

Divine, Predict, and even Remote Influence your own Destiny!

I just have to tweak a few things like add a Numerology and Lunar magic category to this blog to further separate it out from MetaPhysics.

But that just might be busy work because everything is in place right now to make it happen. I already have done quite a few so far and have a lot of the process automated.

So if you are not currently signed up and getting these blogs straight to your e mail as soon as I hit the publish button then you can do so right now and then request your Numerocope!

But Wait… There’s More!

I will be adding all kinds of other bonuses from my professional experience as a Clinical Hypnotist, trained at America’s 1st Nationally Accredited College of Hypnosis; the Hypnosis Motivation Institute in Tarzana, California.

And the bonuses and incentives will just keep being added infinitely because I always have new ideas and am in consistent learning and sharing mode.

So use the subscribe box here to sign up for your FREE subscription right now and then go to your e mail inbox to confirm YOUR subscription.

Then keep reading every day for new, exciting, interesting, educational and certainly entertaining blog posts, videos, event and all kinds of goodies.

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