HypnoAthletics, KappaGuerra

9 Dimensions of KappaGuerra

By Hakeem Alexander

(Exercising Your Mind) KappaGuerra: “The Only War to Wage is Within”, is a system of “Healthy Living and Self-Defense with many internal and external features resembling, or, based on other well known Martial Arts; specifically Afro-Brazilian Capoeira, Boxing and Wrestling.

The name KappaGuerra rhymes with Capoeira from which it derives many movements and much of its culture and philosophy. KappaGuerra is also  structured with the Science of Numerology. Kappa is the 10th letter of the Greek alphabet. 10 is a 1 in numerology as 1+0=1. Guerra is the Portuguese and Spanish word for war; thus “The Only War…”

Numerology also utilizes alpha-numerics. Each letter in the alphabet correspondes with one number from 1 through 9. The following 9-Dimensions are explored as a KappaGuerra Practitioner, and are listed here as a brief and general overview.

1. (AJS) A Journey South- Sweeps, take downs, footwork, falls, rolls, lower-body strikes…
2. (BKT) Black Kite’s Tail- Throws, boxing, acrobatics, climbing, hand/eye coordination…
3. (CLU) Close Lines Unite- Inside fighting, trapping, grappling, wrestling…
4. (DMV) Dark Mind Visions-  Self-Hypnosis Exercise (SHE), psychological strategies, lucid-dream exploration…
5. (ENW) Entering New Worlds- Metaphysics, meditation, Dream Action Yoga (DAY)…
6. (FOX) F O X- Animalistic movement for enhancement of agility, flexility, speed, power, control…
7. (GPY) Group Play Yard- Facing multiple combatants, fighting alongside others…
8. (HQZ) Head Quarter Zone- Protecting and attacking the neck, head, and sense organs…
9. ( I R ) Inner Resolve- Improvisation, spontaneity, Independent, Integrated-Intelligence (3rd-I)

In each Dimension of KappaGuerra, there are 9-Levels or frequencies, represented by 7 colors of the visible spectrum of light, sandwiched between black and white; the absence of all light, and the integration of all colors. The colors from red to violet correspond with the 7 most commonly referenced Chakras of our Kundalini energies. These colors may be used as a general rating of skill level in each dimension.

1. Black; “in the dark”, beginner.
2. Red
3. Orange; low vibration
4. Yellow
5. Green; center
6. Blue
7. Indigo; high vibration
8. Violet
9. White; all colors; master.

In numerology 1 is the beginning and 9 is completion. 9 vibrates with the characteristics of the numbers 1 through 8; just as white-light can be separated into all of the other colors, red through violet, by using a prism.

Besides having personal experience using Capoeira, Boxing, and Wrestling as Martial Arts, both in competition and street-fights, and currently as a method of Healthy Living and Self-Defense, here are a few more insights to their combined utility.

Capoeira is primarily explored because of the rich history behind it, the diversity of movement, The Berimbau, music, the rituals and “party” atmosphere of the events (rodas) and training. Technically proficiency with escaping, countering and redirecting rather than blocking attacks. Physically it is an optimum training practice for full body strength, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility and agility. Very good kicking and leg work. Uses lots of close fighting and take-downs which is very congruent with wrestling.

Boxing is effective with learning to protect the head and attack with the hands. Great cardiovascular conditioning. Techniques for causing knock-outs and protecting the bones of the hands. Excellent real-fight preparation: sparring. Includes Thai Boxing (Muy Thai) and Neng Da (“super-punches”).

Wrestling is effective for understanding, guarding and countering complex and potentially  dangerous chokes and joint manipulation; moves that may decide a victory in the ring, but can kill or disable in the street. Wrestling, written here, and applied in KappaGuerra, is an open term for all grappling, throwing and submission disciplines.

KappaGuerra is the dynamic, physical discourse that embodies the concept of “Personal Development Through the Love of Learning”, or what I call “Heuristic-Philology”. The heuristic method, through which pupils are taught to find out things for themselves, is best fueled by philology; the love of learning. Exercise Your Mind; the body must follow.