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How Do You Successfully Influence Your SubConscious Mind?


(Exercising Your Mind) How Do You Successfully Influence Your SubConscious Mind?

A question that is just as important is

Why Would You Want To Influence Your SubConscious Mind?

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There are several answers, but in general, you want to be the one who has the most influence over your subconscious mind.

Because it is very certain that your subconscious is being influenced everyday.

And your subconscious mind is the master controller of your behavior.

Your behavior becomes habit, habit forms your character, which is who you are, and who you are is what molds, and sculpts your outer reality to match the reality of your subconscious mind.

There is a very specific influence to create. The attitudes, beliefs, and mind-set of your subconscious all act together to influence your emotions.

And it is really your emotions that influence your behavior.

Remember, behavior is always molding your outer reality to match your inner reality.

The inner reality is made of emotion.

So the reason you want to influence your subconscious mind is because it is what creates your life. Don’t allow the default of ignorance, or people who know this information to control you.

How To Successfully Influence Your SubConscious

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To successfully influence your subconscious mind, we must be clear about what that means.

Because we are already influencing our subconscious mind unconsciously, successful influence means that we are now doing it deliberately, intentionally, and with purpose.

From this point, successfully influencing our subconscious means we have to change our subconscious beliefs.

This means we have to change what is inside the subconscious.

Language Patterns

To successfully create change, we need to follow some rules.

These are rules about the language we use. The conscious mind operates best with logic, reason, and will-power.

But if you try to speak the language of logic and reason to the subconscious, you will only get weak and temporary results, if you get any results at all.

Another barrier to overcome is that there is also a part of the subconscious known as the critical mind, which acts as a filter.

This is why it is sometimes called the critical filter, or the critical faculty.

Because you have survived up to this point with your subconscious the way it is, the subconscious works to keep you safe by filtering out new ideas.

The critical filter also works to keep the old, familiar ideas from being altered.

If there is anything different from what is already in the subconscious, the critical faculty will keep it filtered out.

The filter is a great thing to have working for you, but if you are attempting to thrive, instead of just survive, then keeping new ideas out is not useful.

The language best understood by the subconscious is made of imagination, symbols and emotion.

With the understanding and use of specific language patterns, we can bypass the critical filter by misdirection, distraction, and overload of message units (MUs).

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Basically, we have to communicate with our subconscious in a way that changes or creates blueprints and internal representations that are beneficial to us.

Remember that anyone can survive, but our goal is to thrive.

NEURO: We go beyond our current reality only when we improve the models, maps, and blueprints that our subconscious minds use to drive our behavior.

“The map is not the territory”. But we do need to draw better internal maps if we are to navigate the territory of our outer reality in the most successful way.

LINGUISTIC: Language is simply a word used for the idea of communication in general. Symbols, images, emotion, are not in Chinese, Spanish, or English  necessarily.

Repetition and Association are two of the main language tools that we can use to positively influence our subconscious.

We pair up an image with Repetition, and then we Associate the Repetition of that image with an appropriately motivating emotional vibration.

An image is not only visual. It is really imagination that uses one or more of your senses to experience some goal or ideal as completely as possible.

PROGRAMMING: The ingredient of emotion is very important when it comes to Association.

If you feel bad emotionally, with envy, sadness, or some other feeling that communicates lack of having what you imagine, then that is what you are programming into your subconscious.

On the other hand, when you feel good emotionally, with confidence, appreciation, and joy while you are imagining your goal, then you will program this into your subconscious.

As WithIn, So WithOut

It is interesting to note, that you can create two different results in your outer reality, with a single idea or image, depending on what type of emotion you repeatedly associate with it.

For example, you can imagine yourself performing in front of a large audience as you have always wanted to.

But if you imagine feeling fear with this image, you will plant that in your subconscious. Then, your subconscious will use this encoded information to recreate a fearful situation related to public performance.

This could manifest in any number of scenarios that would justify your fears. It is the “Self-FulFilling Prophecy”.

You may forget key points of the performance, freeze-up, or not be able to perform at all.

On the other hand, if you imagine yourself performing with confidence, excitement, enjoying the performance, and other positive emotions, you will create a successful performance scenario in your physical reality.

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