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How To Use Numerological Hypnosis For Personal Development

(Exercising Your Mind) Power is being able to model, predict, and manipulate reality. You can do this with the use of number and symbol in a scientifically proven way with Numerological Hypnosis.

  1. Hypnosis has been established as a science.
  2. You can use Numerology as a form of Hypnosis.
  3. Because Hypnosis is science, & Numerology can be Hypnotic; Numerology can be used scientifically.

This is simply done by deliberately, and intentionally planting the meanings offered through numerological interpretation, into your subconscious mind with hypnotic induction, and post-hypnotic suggestions.

The reason we use hypnosis to plant suggestions into our subconscious mind is so that we can be certain about what information is really motivating us.

Practicing self-hypnosis can help us to neutralize, and reverse, any and all unwanted suggestions, that we may be unconsciously acting on.

The evidence that we may be acting unconsciously on suggestions in our subconscious mind is, if we are not getting the results we desire in our lives.

We plant the suggestions as thoughts to become words; words become actions; and actions become the habits that manifest as the outcomes, and results we experience in our lives emotionally, and physically.

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The Three Part Formula For Using Numerological Hypnosis

  1. Become familiar with the characteristics, or meanings of the numerals.
  2. Calculate using the birth-date according to how frequent or specific you would like to operate. Meaning, will you be using your yearly, monthly, or daily numeral? Maybe all three (3).
  3. Set reminders to practice self-hypnosis, and / or to activate motivational, post-hypnotic suggestions.

The characteristics of the numerals are listed here very generally as follows:

  1. Masculinity, creativity, leadership, starting new things.
  2. Feminine, receptivity, cooperation, teamwork.
  3. Sensuality, sexuality, talkative, life of the party.
  4. Hard work, stability, loyalty.
  5. Freedom, spontaneity, gifted with words, sudden change.
  6. Humanity, sophistication, peacemaking.
  7. Intuitive, discerning, psychic.
  8. Power, money, fame.
  9. Completion and resonates with characteristics of 1 through 8.

As I stated before, the list is very general. I adopted and adapted it roughly from Numerology for Beginners by Gerie Bauer.

Other qualities of numerals to be used could be…

  1. Pioneering, independent, attaining, individual
  2. Adaptable, considerate, partnering, mediating
  3. Expressive, verbose, social, artistic, festive
  4. Foundation, order, service, steady progress, pushing limits
  5. Expansiveness, visionary, adventurous, constructive use of freedom
  6. Responsible, protective, nurturing, group-oriented, balanced, sympathetic
  7. Analytical, understanding, knowledgeable, aware, studious, meditative
  8. Practical workings, status conscious, materialistic
  9. Versatile, selfless, creative expression, charitable

Now it is time to calculate the time periods we want to work with below to create what you could call a NumeroScope.

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You will be using your own birth-date, or the birth-date of whomever you want to do the numeroscope for.

To demonstrate how we do this, I will use August 23rd 2016, to calculate the Personal Year, Personal Month, and Personal Day numerical vibrations.

8+23+2016=2047 which is 2+0+4+7=13, and then reduce 13 by adding 1+3=4.

The personal year numerical vibration is 4.

To calculate the personal month we take the 4 from the personal year above and add it to the current month which is 9 for September, and get 4+9=13, and then reduce 13 by adding 1+3=4.

The personal month numerical vibration is also 4.

Finally, to calculate the personal day, we add the 4 from the personal month above to the current day, which is the 21st, to get 4+21=25, and then reduce 25 by adding 2+5=7.

The personal day numerical vibration is 7.

Using Hypnotic Induction and Post-Hypnotic Suggestion

I am going to use the most simple self-hypnosis induction, and post-hypnotic suggestion possible for the following exercises.


If you only want to focus on the broadest vibration for the year, in this example, from the birth-date above, you would close your eyes, breathe in deeply, and as you exhale, simply repeat to yourself:

This is my numeral 4 year. This year is best for hard-work, stability, and loyalty. In this numeral 4 year, I will take advantage of opportunities by focusing on foundation, order, service, steady progress, and pushing limits.

You can repeat this 3 times, or as many as you want to, and have time for.

Post-Hypnotic Suggestion

Before you finish, you can choose to plant a post-hypnotic suggestion for yourself, that simply acts as a reminder, or trigger that will continue to keep you self-motivated.

You might say something like:

When I open my eyes, I will be energized and fully awake. And whenever I see the number 4, I will continue to take advantage of opportunities by focusing on foundation, order, service, steady progress, and pushing limits. Because this year is best for hard-work, stability, and loyalty.

Finally, you simply open your eyes gently, and go about your day. You can repeat this once or twice a day, a few times per week, or whenever you feel you need a boost.

The best time to do this is actually 30 minutes before you go to sleep, and within the first 30 minutes after you wake up, whenever that me be during the day or night.

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As a reminder, you can choose to use any one, or all three of the numerals calculated as you wish. Because we are moving away from the idea that the Numerals are influencing you.

Instead, since we are using the numerical interpretations as hypnotic suggestions, we are using a scientific process that empowers us to decide what we plant in our subconscious minds.




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