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(Exercising Your Mind) If you have not already been initiated into the Ghandi concept that teaches us to be the change, get into it now.

The idea is for you to be the change that you want to see in the world.

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What this means is that instead of asking what the world can do for you; you switch to asking “What can I do for the world?”

And as soon as you get that idea firmly planted within your heart, I am now going to suggest that you think about it from another perspective.

This perspective is that you already are the change that you want to see in the world.

The fact of the matter is that we all are instantly hypnotic to others in some way, even when we do not realize that we are.

Just by being who you are influences people in subtle, and sometimes major, obvious ways that can be immediately seen.

You are instantly changed by that very attractive person that makes your loins hot and your heart beat stronger.

If you remember that person, later, fantasize about them, maybe touch yourself about it, and possibly have dreams of them; you have been hypnotized.

You have been hypnotized by that person’s appearance.

Something about the way they communicated to you effectively left an impression on you strong enough to modify your behavior by the creation of a belief system.

You believed that you could be with them in your fantasy.

And believe it or not, there are people that you have this type of impression on also, whether you are ever aware of it or not.

That is because we humans are sometimes often very good about concealing our emotions, and feelings from the people around us.

And it is the more unseen influences that we have on other people that you really want to focus your attention on.

Just like children learn their behavior from the people they literally look up to, and spend most of their time with, we are all hypnotizing each other.

The question really is “What are you hypnotizing others with?”

Remember that we communicate with words, but that is just a very small part of our methods of communication.

Over ninety-percent of our communication is not with words.

This is called extra-verbal communication.

These are the seen as well as the unseen influences on us.

When we “look-up” to someone else, it is not with our physical eyes necessarily.

Looking up to someone is because we have granted them “one-upsmanship” or authority over use for one reason or many.

And so what we are actually “looking” at is unseen for the most part.

It is really an emotion or feeling.

It is an internal experience that overloads our critical thinking filter and allows suggestions to pour into our subconscious minds.

And there are people that we do this to every day.

So who are you really?

What change are you being in the world by being you?

If you were all that the world was, would it be a wonderful world?

I Believe In You

Believe In YourSelf

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