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Three Hypnotic Modalities for Belief System Enhancement — 2 Comments

  1. In today’s ever increasing socioeconomic stressful environment emphasis should be focused on the advantages of Medical hypnosis. It is important to understand that one is not treated with hypnosis but rather through hypnosis. Choosing the right Hypnotherapist is therefore very important. One-on-one sessions are most desirable in correcting conditioned habitual responses, as each patient has different and sometime multiple past and present sensitizing events.
    Unlike cognitive therapy or prescription medications which concentrate on the “effects”, Medical hypnosis works in an older part of our brain to assault the “causality” of the problem by redirecting or even eliminating negative habits, emotions, or perceptions. As increased scientific study confirms the value of medical hypnosis; myths, half-truths, and suspicions surrounding hypnotherapy will be diminished and we can help change our stressful society without harsh and often dangerous prescription medications.

    Richard L Erickson PhD HHCP LPHt

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